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    After the previous controversy over the building of housing on the Total Fitness car park, I see that the developer is again trying to increase the number of houses. A little bit cheeky in my mind applying so soon after they have built the new estate. The car park is already heaving with people not being able to park at peak times, which is getting earlier in the evening due to the addition of extra childrens’ swimming lessons between 4pm and 6pm. Where will customers park? On the yellow lines already on the access road, or causing conflict by parking in the resident’s only carparks, or on the nearby unrestricted parking parts of Rhosddu Road, that I am sure will be loved by local residents and other road users! The previous ‘solution’ to improve access to and from Total Fitness has not worked, and I expect extra traffic from the estate will not help the situation.
    Link to Planning Pages



    If planning permission is approved will Total Fitness close down?



    After having a look at the total fitness car park, how on earth are they suppose to expand there membership base? There was an article in the leader about 9 more new house possibly being built? does anyone know if this has got the go ahead? There was a lot of debris around the proposed site and it was cordoned off so possibly they are getting ready to build more houses. If this does get the go ahead are there plans to close total fitness and possibly demolish it to build more houses? apparently when total fitness reopened in 2015 they had signed a long term lease but does anyone know long this was? I wonder how busy it is at the moment with it being January and people signing up? Are potential new members put off about lack of car parking space?

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