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    Naming and shaming numpties of the day.

    Firstly – Gavin Williamson for accusing teachers of “scaremongering” over any school re-opening plans when their concerns echo exactly the concerns of the vast majority of parents across the UK.

    If it’s NOT safe to send back those over the age of 11, why should parents risk sending out their 3-6 year olds back? Agree with Welchboy – fill up the House of Commons and Lords first, then we’ll consider it safe to send back our children.

    Secondly – Rupert Propaganda Arm of the Government Murdoch’s Sun newspaper for having the cheek of accusing those unable to be in work as suffering from “Furlough Fever”, which apparently means they think they are on a jolly, having a paid holiday. This is despite the fact that the vast majority want to be in work and have life go back to some level of normality, but the likes of retail and the hospitality and travel sector have no sign of opening up soon and would have been laid off otherwise and been jobless in this terrible economy.



    The Sun revels in dividing people and getting them to hate each other. It’s called ‘divide and rule.’ As usual, it is to distract us from the fact that the m/billionaires want us to risk life and limb in potentially infection-laden work-places, to keep them in the luxury to which they are accustomed.

    Before the crisis, their targets were unemployed and disabled people on social security, now it’s those who have the cheek to want themselves and their families to be kept safe from a nasty novel virus.

    If only we learned to unite against this tiny group that are using and abusing us.

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    Did anyone see that Danish teacher on TV yesterday morning showing how they cope in Denmark. As much as what she said, I was so impressed by her sunny disposition. More a case of how can we find a way around it rather than saying that it is impossible without trying. We should take advice from those who set up the teaching hubs for the children of the NHS, key workers & children at risk. I would have thought that those children & teachers would have been at a much higher risk.



    Here’s an alternate to the Danish model in schools

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