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    My Passport says UK – Boris is the Prime Minister of the UK. He gave a C.Virus message which was carried on BBC Wales. I will follow his requirements and recommendations, not the old village idiot Drakeford, for whom I have never remotely voted for. When I voted Tory to elect my local MP and Boris as PM, I knew exactly who I was voting for. It is time for the jumped up Welsh Assembly to be dis-assembled. The assembly have never done anything for north Wales, except imposed a speed limit in the open countryside on the by-pass. It is time now for all our local Tory MP’s to move towards the abandonment of the Welsh devolution experiment that has been a very expensive failure.

    If BBC Wales gave me a message from my PM, I feel compelled to follow his requirements and in the event of prosecution, it would prove to be a very interesting case. We must also note that the old village idiot said the ‘advice is’ – advice is not legally compulsory.



    A little child’s passive-aggressive temper tantrum.


    I think I’ve got a bit of sick in my mouth



    Johnson has at last shown himself to be more of an idiot than most of us thought, also his followers, reminiscent of 1930s Nazi Germany, CUE L@ckMy-w@lly with the usual penile references and right wing rhetoric.



    I’ve felt that the Government has handled things well so far….until tonight’s confusing update.
    It was misguiding. But, at the end of the day, anyone whose online, watches the news etc must surely appreciate the severity of this pandemic?
    Whoever governs the UK is under scrutiny. But, at every opportunity in this town, there are people out with a predominantly leftist/communist agenda. On every forum, every opportunity, Some of them export their political agenda in the name of Wrexham to the violence associated with the Dublin football derby games..
    Atherton had only been elected to Pariament under a month and the usual suspects started slating the state…. Labour had 13-years…never waved a magic wand, never prepared etc…

    If anything goes wrong… blame the Tories (yawn)

    Diane Abbott would’ve been Home Secretary during this crisis…



    Some commentators need to start to look closer at the broader situation because they appear short-sighted, and only have the intelligence to insult others with different viewpoints with the intention of avoiding proper debate. These commentators need to consider the motives of the Welsh Assembly. Additionally, question and challenge the overly vocal self-righteous ‘stay at home brigade’, and the media that has given a biased opinion to date, because it does not want a proper discussion on the lock-down (Sorry, that comment includes you). Furthermore, the policing of the restrictions.

    I trust the Prime Minister more than Drakeford. The Welsh Assembly tends to attract second-class politicians because they know they would never make the grade to become MP’s or a National Government Minister. Let us not forget, it is the Labour-controlled Welsh Assembly through its failings in managing its few responsibilities that have allowed our local schools and Welsh NHS to fall far behind the standards of the rest of the UK. Some people like to forget both Drakeford, and our local AM Lesley Griffith, have held the Welsh Health portfolio, and therefore substantially contributed to North Wales having a health trust that is the worst in Wales and a good contender for the worst in the UK. No wonder Drakeford is worried at the moment. To these failings, the Assembly is now using the Welsh population to play their power games with the UK government. Additionally, they have just given businesses just over the border a competitive edge, damaging the Welsh economy, and making our recovery more difficult.

    What are the differences between the ‘want to stay at home brigade’ and others? I suggest they are those for whatever reason are less financially impacted or do not worry about the future of younger generations who will suffer the most and will be paying for today’s decisions for years. The over-65 aged group are the worst because they will want the younger generation to pay for today’s decisions while they keep their benefits. Those over 65 have state pensions the younger generation can only dream about but will refuse to reduce them. They will want to use expensive state-funded care homes without spending their savings or selling their house. Furthermore, keep their free bus passes, concessions, winter fuel allowance and TV licences. Is it not possible the ‘want to stay at home brigade’ are the selfish individuals and the fascists trying to impose their views and control over others, and stifle any opposing viewpoints?

    It is time for people to realise the police service needs the consent of the public for the lock-down to work as they do not have the resources to fine everybody. Today’s decision will inevitably make people wonder when they live a few miles from England they are under far stricter constraints. The ‘stay at home brigade’ can clamour for more policing and larger punishments, but that approach will not work. Yes, the police could do things differently, but the truth is that they know they are working on the limits of their powers, and in some instances, going beyond them.

    Contrary to popular belief, the offences are not absolute, and people have the right to challenge the fines in court. The term ‘reasonable excuse’ is so vague already large campaign organisations are setting-up appeals and challenges against the penalties. These appeals are heard using the caselaw build-up within England and Wales, so the courts are likely to have a different perspective on the matter compared to the Assembly. Furthermore, contrary to popular belief, there are no new powers to stop cars or use roadblocks to check compliance with the regulations. Indeed, their own guidance from the College of Policing states that roadblocks are a disproportionate response. Additionally, the same guidance says there no new ‘stop and account powers’ whereby you have to tell the police where you have been or are going.

    The police can issue fines, but they are likely to be worthless. The statistics show very few Fixed Penalty Notices for Disorder (PND’s) are paid. It is not worth taking people with no money to pay them to court because the courts will allow people to pay a small weekly amount, and if they default, not sent people to prison. Furthermore, how the tickets are issued is subject to scrutiny by panels led by the Police Commissioners, and the reports that come out of them reveal many inadequacies and injustices.



    Let’s see Simon, who has been in charge of the entire country for the last 10 years? The Tories, so no shit Sherlock of course they are going to get the brunt of the blame.

    Just like when Labour were in charge in Westminster, Blair got raked through the coals over Iraq, Brown got his arse handed to him on a plate over a global financial crisis.

    It’s fairly normal for the incumbents to take all the stick, I don’t see how that is yawn, that’s political discourse.

    I’m sorry but Atherton has had it pretty easy in terms of criticism, you only needed to look at post-Brexit and Ian Lucas and his family took a tirade of abuse on a daily basis. In fact Atherton’s had it that easy, even Andrew Atkinson who wasn’t even elected took it worse for the Tories than she does.

    It just baffles me the number of apologists for the Tories around here, yes Labour have let us down big time in Wales, North Wales and perhaps Wrexham in particular. But the Tories have not ever done a solitary decent thing for any of us, constantly shitting on the poor, starving the NHS, turning working class onto working class who end up needing state handouts in times of need (even now crassly accusing people whose jobs aren’t safe to do of being addicted to furlough). Attacks on the elderly, attacks on foreigners (until we need them to pick our fruit, nurse our sick, look after our frail in care homes), attacks on families.

    But whilst Murdoch’s flying media circus has their backs then they can easily shift the blame elsewhere, have otherwise sensible people spout nonsense about communists – almost 2 decades after the Iron Curtain fell.

    Of course lefties are to blame or perhaps those who support the workers, the unions and the 99%. Why should we be considered loony for not wanting to stuff the pockets of the PLC bosses? Your Billionaire Branson’s who have the cheek to demand state bailouts after avoiding to pay millions and millions in UK tax and just laying off tens of thousands of workers. The landlords who increase the rent and throw families out when they can’t afford to pay because they got sick when they can get a 3 month mortgage holiday or claim grant relief as a business because they have set themselves up as a limited company.

    Oh and Priti Patel is Home Secretary during this crisis and proudly announced that shoplifting was down during the lockdown period. I mean seriously?!




    I find it very interesting that you start your argument like this…

    Some commentators need to start to look closer at the broader situation because they appear short-sighted, and only have the intelligence to insult others with different viewpoints with the intention of avoiding proper debate

    And then basically go into a massive long drawn out screed insulting people with a different viewpoint to yourself – even likening those who want to stay at home as fascists.

    Thanks for being a prime example of Godwin’s Law.

    Yes I’m quite happy to be considered fucking self righteous if it means my 4 year old and 6 year old kids get to keep their mother, father, grandparents, aunties, uncles, cousins and friends remaining alive and well. How so very selfish of me.

    If you were dating and I told you 20% of the people you speak to and are likely to go on a date with had something like AIDS on Tinder, would you still continue to use Tinder? Because that’s currently how I feel about just about everywhere where there’s loads of people at the moment. Just because the papers are now bored of reporting the new infections and deaths daily it doesn’t mean they aren’t happening.

    If you want to take that risk, it’s your choice, please enjoy the freedom in a completely non fascist way to do whatever you please. I just hope there’s a ventilator available for you if you get ill.



    Now it looks as though the new narrative is going to be that these shirkers who were “too willing to stay at home” have bankrupted the economy, so it is perfectly reasonable that they pay for it with another 10 years of disparate austerity. Please don’t fall for it.



    Get the shovels and JCBs out and rebuild Offa’s Dyke. Keep out the tourists and day trippers. Day passes for workers.
    Blockage the A55. Surely our lives are more important than the economy.

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