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    Some of those people who ‘offload’ their children, as you call it Benjamin, are nurses, doctors, care workers & other people with responsible jobs including teachers. People who struggle to get out of work at short notice.

    You know what, there’s been some absolutely abysmal behaviour going on online in Wrexham towards teachers. Slagging them off, saying they are lazy, don’t deserve salary etc…

    Yet, up here in Penycae today the school caretaker, several teachers and other volunteers from around the village have spent hours making sure that the school is open tomorrow and safe for all the pupils as it’s Christmas concert week and everyone has been practising their lines, bought costumes, so it would be a real shame to cancel it all.

    But despite of all this, several selfish parents have announced that they are going to keep their children off school, even though they are in the concerts because they are claiming it’s too slippy to walk their children to school and they are worried that their precious darling might hurt themselves on the yard – despite the fact that the school texted everyone to assure them the yard is now gritted and safe! So that just smacks of laziness by the parents who can’t even be bothered to take the 10 minute walk to get their children into school on an important day. The village is not slippy or dangerous if you take care, I walked up in a blizzard on Sunday to the shop to get supplies and there were several dog walkers about doing just fine and even someone riding a bike!

    So it looks like my daughter’s first Christmas concert where she’s playing Mary is going to be ridiculous because half of the other kids will be missing. Absolute shame. I’m hoping I’ll be wrong and it’ll be a good turnout, but incredibly lazy and negative comments online like that just shows people right up. In fact, if I was a busybody I’d suggest reporting all of them to the school for blatantly encouraging truanting.

    Then don’t even get me started on some nurses from Wrexham in this snowy weather, some of them have been showing off incredibly diva-like behaviour, as if we all aren’t suffering and struggling and needing to be places too. Don’t get me wrong, I bet the vast majority of nurses and other hospital staff made it into work without making a song and dance. But there’s a few who have been really pissed off with the gritters and the council not doing enough (250 tonnes of grit people!) as they didn’t want to risk driving and were complaining about a half an hour walk to work instead. Heaven-forbid we upset their 12 hour shifts. I know loads of people who walked to normal jobs like retail where they wouldn’t have been missed without complaining. We all know how hard nurses work and how it can be life or death if they are not in attendance, but it does not give you the excuse to act like you are holier than thou in terms of unrealistic demands of the Wrexham Gritter crew vs the worst blizzards we’ve seen in the last 5 years.

    Thinking more constructively about essential people getting to and from the Hospital in serious wintery conditions so staffing levels stay up. Perhaps, The Maelor or someone from the Maelor should organise some kind of 4×4 carpool or pick-up service to ensure healthcare workers in more remote areas can make it into work. Then anyone stranded unable to get home from the hospital, perhaps they could put them up in the Premier Inn or something. Contingency planning people!

    But on a more pleasant note, the vast majority of people are excellent in snowy conditions and everyone seems to pull together, for example my neighbour lent me a better shovel than what I was using and helped me clear my drive this afternoon – never really spoken to him before, but seems like a really decent bloke. So it’s just a vocal few online who really show themselves up (as usual).



    Precisely what I was trying to get across Matt. If people in Penycae can do it, why not town schools where the conditions are nowhere near as bad?



    Matt I applaud your response, and I totally agree with what you have said, well done.



    Very well said Matt. I hope the concert goes/went well and that your daughter enjoyed it!



    Misguided or not, the fact remains that, in the past, schools were kept open and teachers, doctors, nurses and all other public officials somehow kept everything working. Are you blaming Health & Safety for the changes?



    Matt Quote “Then anyone stranded unable to get home from the hospital, perhaps they could put them up in the Premier Inn or something. Contingency planning people”.

    In Canada, this is just what they do, sometimes ‘snowed in’ away from home for much longer periods & in much worse conditions.

    Also, is this not a time when some of the younger unemployed could earn some money clearing pavements?

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