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    Single Integrated Plan – Is It ‘Incredibly Readable’ ? |

    Further to that article which refers to the document starting at about page 6 of this PDF –

    What do you make of it?



    Maybe WCBC should concentrate on improving working together within its own departments before looking to the wider organisations.


    @rob 2036 wrote:

    Single Integrated Plan – Is It ‘Incredibly Readable’ ? |

    Further to that article which refers to the document starting at about page 6 of this PDF –

    What do you make of it?

    the agenda item – 100% bureaucratic speak

    the actual plan – 100% marketing speak

    it’s like ‘recycle with michael’ – all superficial.



    Much of what is suggested in the document is common sense, eating five a day, stop smoking and reduce alcohol consumption are just three examples.However all of these need individuals to change their way of behaviour and there is the difficulty , how do you achieve that? As always the ideas and aims are laudable but successful implementation a pipe dream?



    I couldn’t get any further than page 11. I got bogged down in bullsh*t and smugness.




    Wrexham needs a vision, and needs to decide who it wants to be?

    We want our children happy and well educated, we want interesting jobs with high earnings whether in the County or in a reasonable drive time, we want our parents to enjoy their pensionable age. We want to enjoy our homes and surrounds in the context of global economics in 2020 and beyond. These things don’t happen today, but from years of intellectual and financial investment. We are living off the investment of the 1980’s in Wrexham, we have pretty much exhausted the reserves of goodwill and reputation, and before the town centre deteriorates further, we need to act and adopt a new vision for the whole County, and one that enables each community to thrive.

    The paper does not make good reading, its a little demeaning to say the least, when today we all have a reasonably good understanding of social and economic principles.

    The paper seems to be for the North Wales (prompted by Welsh Government?), for all public services to work together by county, and also across North Wales.

    It starts early on about (i) Policy Framework, (ii) Budget, (iii) Legal, (iv) Staffing, (v) Equality & Human Rights, and (vi) Risks.

    The “facts” make interesting reading for a tourist, but they don’t really relate to the three priorities that follow?

    The priorities ask for (a) independent, healthy & active place to live, (b) strong, resilient & responsible economy, and (c) place that is safe, and everyone feels included.

    Reading the forums, press generally, and statistics for Wrexham; we appear to be addressing the healthy & active place to live, and a safe place where everyone feels included.

    The problem seems to be that we don’t have a strong economy, and a population that can aspire to higher skilled and earning jobs.



    Looking at the map of Wrexham, we have an epicentre in the town centre, a large industrial conurbation to the east, and a wide variety of villages spread through the county, with Glyn Ceiriog to the south west extremity. We have the A483 going through the middle.

    We are built on coal & steel, and a market town that served much of North Wales. We historically had strong banks, and professional services. It is probably true to say that Flintshire has stolen the march on industry, and whereas Chester and Wrexham retail offering was complimentary, the market has now changed. All towns have to overcome the challenge of BIG retail parks.

    Wrexham historically has strong down to earth ethics, and has always been inclusive to all people. We had strong education, probably driven by industry, and a responsible senior community, including teachers, business, trades, health, professional services, shop keepers, engineers.

    But, the town has now become known as a “dormitory town” or “commuter belt”. We earn our revenues from Welsh Government, rates, and grants? The more industry and business we have in the County means more rates and income, and if those jobs are skilled and highly paid, there is more money to go round. Having industry in the County also means more income for the supply chain into those businesses, whether paying local businesses for parts, services, or goods?

    People need a purpose. Have we become a “nice place to live” and travel out of the County to work? If so, we bring money back in to spend? Or do we spend it in places we’re more comfortable, or have a better offer? Market towns concepts are growing again across the UK, especially for food, but also for other goods. Have we lost our market doctrine, or could we recover it?

    This integrated plan is about how the public sector need to deliver better and more cost effective services? We need leadership to set one course, one purpose and one vision for Wrexham?



    This subject is one of the key elements to successful public services in Wrexham? Has another version been published?


    Welsh Dresser

    How do we attract businesses into Wrexham when the competition is so great. It would mean spending even more money in the form of grants etc to persuade new employers in. Unfortunately the good people of Wrexham do not have bottomless pockets so the Council have to do it within their budget. I have no answers by the way I only have questions.

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