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    “Interestingly that report reads: “Subject to the approval of the Executive Board, the Co-operation Protocol will be signed at a formal ceremony in Wrexham by the Mayor of Wrexham on behalf of the Council and a representative of the Portuguese Government.”

    So the minutes state the signing should have been undertaken by the Mayor, so the question as to why it was done by the Leader of the Council remains unanswered. If the Mayor was unable to attend then the Deputy Mayor steps in not the Leader of the Council. Would be interesting to know the Mayor’s viewpoint on this.



    So… were the mayor and deputy busy? If so, who would we have wanted to sign? Who would we have been accepting to sign? Going to go on for years and given it’s not political stance but social, who would be best placed. No question, should have been the mayor or maybe the head of The department that looks after whoever looks after the councillors. Probably holds no water anyway.



    The recorded minutes of meetings are important. Minutes are a record of what went on in a meeting and are issued at the following meeting , where mistakes can be put right and they are then signed off as an accurate record. So the Mayor should have signed the Protocol, according to the minutes .

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