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    To the “you cant change history” people, the portrait of elihu yale displayed on the pub is edited – the portrait has a chained slave at yale’s knees cut out of the portrait which, to me, seems a lot more like changing history than changing the name of a pub.

    There are local heroes and legends who the pub could be named after rather than a slave trade. History isnt going anywhere and elihu yale is well documented…



    I personally don’t like to be told what we can or cannot call a pub in Wrexham because a bunch of activists in Bristol thought that it was OK to topple a statue into the water. If there was a problem with the sign it should have been brought up when the pub was named.

    Will we also have to move the tombstone in the grounds of the Parish Church?

    Where will it end? It will not undo the deeds of 300 years ago. Nothing can.

    We have men of colour in both the the Westminster & Welsh governments at all levels. We have moved on.

    We are not a predominantly racist country although there is some racism.

    The most racist person I ever met was a black African professor from Leeds University.



    300 years ago? You might want to check that.



    😂😂 Are you trying to be funny zinger? Does it really matter? Personally I think it would be a nice touch if they changed the name of the pub, its actually no harm to anyone, nobody calls it by its name. I am hoping for a bit of investment to be made for the outside of the pub which is looking rather shabby.

    Don’t be silly it’s just about the name of a substandard chain pub and CWrexham has a good point you chosen to ignore Zinger. Support an independent bar/pub in the area and support locals, rather than dreaming about Elihu Yale while supporting Tim Martin.

    Zinger why are you insisting on celebrating Elihu Yale? I think it was a lousy name to pick to start with. Do you think that badly of Wrexham that it was the best name they could have come up with?

    So you have found some black politicians to be part of the ruling class today, this does not mean society is perfect now does it. Look at the United States for instance where they elected a black President and look at the way they act, it doesn’t mean a thing.

    So you have found out that people from different backgrounds can be racist too and it appears you are making judgements based on that.

    This seems to get you triggered more than a politician that is ignoring our town, the many wars we participate in, homelessness and more.

    I would rather you highlight the media companies and political focus on TV shows and statues is distracting us from the real injustices as that is something I am concerned about.



    I have never been inside Wetherspoons & I am not Wrexham born so have no affiliation with Elihu Yale. In fact I had never heard of him until I came here to live although I had heard of the university.

    There have been more racial tensions since these protests than in my living memory. Yes it was dreadful what happened in the USA to that man. The USA isn’t the UK. There is far more racism there & I don’t want the same to happen here & it will if this goes on.

    How do you think that we should make reparations for something that happened maybe not 300 years ago but probably around 200 years? I can assure you that none of my family were involved. They worked hard & long hours in service or servitude in this country even though they were white so I am not going to apologise for the past. I have no bitterness because it was how it was & is in the past.

    All I am trying to say is that slavery was abolished & in the main we in the UK have learnt by it. The very fact that descendants of slaves can now get to such high office in this country where laws are made ,that we have learnt & moved on.

    Removing statues, pub signs & street names will just leave tensions simmering under the surface. It will not solve a thing.



    Zinger, if you aren’t bothered about any of these things then we need to get to the root of what you are actually bothered about to make such a long post in this thread?

    I think the whole reason things have in fact come to a head is because quite frankly things have been simmering under the surface for too long and these direct actions are now people voicing the change they want to happen and getting it done.

    Just because something doesn’t impact you personally doesn’t mean it doesn’t mean a great deal to others. It makes me laugh that because of tokenism of ethnic minorities in politics and in life it somehow means everything is okay.

    It’s like saying because Obama became President in the USA it was a simple box ticking exercise to say racism had gone in America because someone of a different ethnicity made the top job. If anything it just compounded the issues in the country.

    If anything there’s an even bigger hurdle in this country to get someone as Prime Minister of ethnicity in this country. Look at the abuse Sadiq Khan gets as mayor of London.

    Could people hand on heart believe Conservative polling would remain high if tomorrow someone suggested replacing Johnson with Rishi Sunak as PM. This is a feasible option in term of his role as Chancellor but the heartlands Tory voterbase would never allow it.

    At the end of the day monuments and buildings rise and fall all the time, things get renamed all the time. Some people are bound to not like it, but ultimately people get over it and things progress.

    Did anyone really care when Queen’s Park was renamed to Caia. How many people are honestly still crying about the People’s Market being Ty Pawb these days?

    Onwards and forwards. If we weren’t all still sitting bored because of Covid-19 there’d be far less pressing issues for everyone to be gossiping about like which celebrities have had their eyebrows done and local issues like grass not being cut.

    Or perhaps these distractions are kept in place to blinker everyone to the mother of all recessions – probably depression just round the corner. The shit is about to hit the fan.



    Knife crime in London under Sadiq Khan’s watch has increased , 83 fatal stabbings with a sharp instument in 2018 to already 79 so far this year.So maybe he is line to get some critisism. To suggest that certain MP’s are token gestures is frankly insulting.If you are good enough for the job doesn’t really matter what background you come from.And the issue of changing “The Park” to Caia was to create a fresh image,not so much for the people who live there,more to do with investments.This was discussed on this site in 2014.



    Knife crime in London under Tory Government watch has increased, 83 fatal stabbings with a sharp instrument in 2018 to already 79 so far this year.



    Well everhard,Mr Khan is a Labour man,he has limited powers,but amongst those is policing,which was my point,if knife crime is on the up then he is the person people in the capital will look to.he’s there for the time being because he can’t really get sacked,unlike most elected mayors in England.

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    Police numbers in London are at their lowest level, per head,in 20yrs due to Tory Gov cuts.

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