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    Andy, Is the photograph an old one? Could it possibly be that the junction has been altered and in fact there are four lanes approaching from Berse, with no traffic lights on this road.

    Jimbow, this is the currant photo, bit it is the lights/junction after the Berse Rd / Mold Road junction on the roundabout. So you were both round about right!!


    Right! Another moan about driving in Wrexham. It seems most of the time I use the Mold Road and BQ roundabout, I come into conflict with other drivers.

    If driving regularly makes you angry, then perhaps you really shouldn’t be driving, it makes as much sense as being angered by walking.
    There’s far too much of this kind of anti-social behaviour on our roads and then going onto an internet forum looking for sympathy for one’s own RoadRage was, like the original offence, never going to end constructively.
    I do rather hope that a lesson has been learned.



    I agree with the OP. Yes it would be great saying don’t get angry but what happens is the other drivers assume you’ve got it wrong and start blasting horns and mouthing verbal abuse at you. Those big yellow signs and road markings off the north slip have been there nearly 3 years now and still drivers don’t see them.


    The thing is Darlofan, what purpose does reacting serve?
    Immediately you start returning gestures, horn blowing, swearing etc, your focus on your own driving has been diverted has been replaced with aggression towards another person and for what gain?
    A person you will never know, a person who’s attitude or opinion you cannot change with reciprocal acts of aggression. At this point, you become a dangerous liabilty to yourself and those around you, leave policing the roads to the police I say.

    Gestures, horn blowing, shouting and swearing are the acts of the insecure, those people who have little control over their lives or indeed, themselves.

    It takes a better man to be the bigger man, it’s IQ and upbringing related and there’s a sad shortage of that kind of backbone nowadays.



    WOW! Where did I say I get angry or am looking for sympathy?
    Darlofan has described exactly what happens.


    There’s no need to be defensive, we’ve all been guilty of aggression on the roads at some time in our driving careers, I know I have.
    It’s time to be the bigger man and focus on how you can make positive, the relationship you have with the other drivers around you.
    Think on.



    The rules of the road apply to everyone, drivers, cyclists, motorcyclists, pedestrians e.t.c. . Its just that some users of the roads choose to ignore the rules and when another user points out their fault/s they become defensive because they have been caught out. and they think their only defence is anger and aggression, when in fact they should aknowledge their fault politely and move on.

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