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    A more hands on partnership with Coleg Cambria would be a good idea after all it directly affects the quality of 6th form level students they receive from feeder secondary schools in Wrexham.

    Wxmbda – learning is the main point of school – but if it’s such a big deal – why at College Level and University level are people allowed to wear what they want and they still learn? Why are the top academics in the world being churned out of US schools where there is largely no dress code. Any dog, monkey or pony can learn rules to get a reward and avoid punishment. Uniforms are part of corporate conformity – the McDonald’s worldview where everyone is the same & works as a cog – perform machine-like repetitive actions. Brilliance & difference isn’t rewarded, it’s frowned upon.

    The problem is these ‘uniform’ jobs where everyone wears a dress code and does the same thing from a manual is an industry that is dying out – repeatable tasks – like in factories where robots are on the construction line – service industries are going to be automated and replaced by AI in the next 20-30 years.

    We are going to need far more people who are highly skilled in things like programming – a grouping notoriously lax in their dress code that have to explicitly follow rules of a coding language otherwise programmes fail and safety errors occur or large financial losses are incurred. If rule following required conformity to everything in life surely down to what they wear surely all programmers should be forced to wear suits?

    Also are children allowed to act like complete buggers at home or in town because they are wearing their own clothes? Do the rules stop applying once you are out of uniform?


    Make the staff wear a uniform aswell, then there should be no complaints.

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    Dagg does have a bit of a point about teachers but then they have earned to right to wear what they like.
    The problem with no dress code is where all this designer rubbish comes in. Kids from less well off families will pressure their parents into spending money they can’t afford to keep up. At least school uniform gives a reasonably level playing field & most can be washed & dried overnight, even blazers.

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