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    Wrexham Town Centre Master Plan 2016

    Wrexham Public Realm Strategy 2015

    Markets and Henblas Commercial Study 2017

    All these Plans, Strategies, Studies are of no use if you have no traders to fill the stalls.

    Ty Pawb is opening shortly and I am led to believe that only three stalls that left the Peoples Market are returning. Who is going to fill the remaining 17 stalls?

    The Butchers Market already has empty stalls, and despite the Council spending 20k on revamping 2 stalls they still remain vacant. In fact the design of them is not fit for purpose.

    The Council needs to re think its ideas in relation to present day trading before spending 400k of ratepayers money.


    I think you are being generous to the council and the councillors saying they should ‘re-think’. Even a mindless stuffed chicken could see where the markets and Ty Pawb are heading. Most of us could have predicted the desperate (costly) situation the council and councillors now find themselves in, prior to their inception. Now, they are forced to throw ‘good money after bad’ to save face. However, with the butcher, baker, candlestick maker, the mechanic, fireman, hairdresser, widow cleaner and barber in control, what do you expect! Unfortunately it is our fault for voting them in and when they don’t perform on anything but a local stage, we re-elect them.
    Vote the Councillors Out.




    As you say, unfortunately it is our fault for voting them in. Unfortunately, we only vote in a Councillor for a particular ward, we do not have a choice in the Executive Board set up.

    Given this, the Council for Ty Pawb are recruiting six unpaid volunteers to direct and shape the future of the project. All requiring relevant professional experience and technical advice to maximise the operational success.

    Should this criteria be used for positions on the Executive Board?


    Council Watcher

    The sux ‘volunteers’ are heading to be the scapegoats for the Council. Bringing in 6 people at this late stage is suicidal for anyone that takes up the roles as ‘experts’ any failure in future will be to do with the experts and not Council Members. This is nothing more than blame shift on the horizon.

    Why did the Council nit bring in these volunteer experts at the planning stage — they have no chance of turning the ship around at this late stage- nit lest of all they will never get all the information they need for decision making,

    Anyone applying for these roles really needs a sanity check, as they certainly won’t have any business expertise to take on the role- anyone with an ounce of business expertise would not touch with a barge pole…


    Well said ‘Council Watcher’ – 6 scapegoats’ are required, however, are you suggesting that we have exhausted the supply of hairdressers, window cleaners, firemen, mechanics & pensioners who want to elevate their position in society? Anyone who does apply will be mindless but at least they won’t have the benefit of £32k of council taxpayers money to achieve their ultimate failure – unlike others!



    The Council are now extending the closing date the reason being given, the original advert did not go out with a closing date.

    What a lame excuse. The whole project comes across as not being properly thought through.

    Once again, if you want projects to go wrong, get the Council involved.


    Council Watcher

    The credentials of any would be volunteer will be based on:

    1. How to remain quiet about any problem
    2. Be able to be directed by Cllr Hugh Jones
    3. Skin of a rhino
    4. Learn not to question anything that Council Members or Officers say
    5. Learn the art of being able to disappear to avoid the doubters
    6. Be prepared to have their personal credibility questioned

    The delay in recruiting means the Council don’t have anyone at this stage– wait for an advert to come out for paid Advisory Positions



    I wonder if you get free parking at the Guildhall?



    I wonder if you get free parking at the Guildhall?

    The Fourth Street Report on Ty Pawb contained the information that parking spaces were to be reduced from 335 to 315. This was to reflect a loss of 8 spaces due to redevelopment and a reservation of 12 spaces for OW.

    The costing of income from car parking was based on there being 315 spaces. It just seems a possibility car parking will be free.


    Council Watcher

    The budget for Ty Pawb was based on the car park income doubling – then what happened was the Car Park price war and process were halved. If my maths are right to get to the budget figure they will need four times the level if using the car park was producing at the time when the budget was produced. An impossible figure unless Waterworld and St Georges Crescent are to be closed.

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