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    Can someone please explain why we are all having to pay more rates when so many services have been cut and there is now a smaller work force.

    How can a Council that cuts £45m over three years then need MORE money to carry on-
    Community Centres
    Leisure Services
    Day Centres
    Grass cutting frequency
    No investment in schools
    Reduced number of hours for people needs in care
    Support for business
    Young peoples youth service been slashed
    ++++++ lots of other cuts

    New services and expansion

    The economics of this formula just don’t stack

    How many senior managers have had a salary review — their pay is supposed to be based on the size of the budget and number of staff that they oversee– surely reduced income less staff should mean wage reductions–

    An explanation from anyone would be appreciated



    Remember they had to make cuts in order to pay £2,000,000 to Price Waterhouse Cooper!



    Welcome to rip off Britain where joe public gets hit in the pocket year after year as the powers that be know that we can afford these increases just keep the stiff upper lip boys and girls as you know its makes sense and remember what cam the man said ‘we are all in this together’.



    They need to pay for toys such as new Ipads of course, 35K plus irc.
    The issue has gone quiet but not gone away :)



    Good question.

    Council tax hikes but reduction in what we get for the outlay.

    Policing – Reduced substantially, increase in offences, reduction in prosecutions. Drugs, arson, armed robberies on the increase. Direct consequence of Police cuts and reduced visibility of bobbies on the beat. Put that into context taking into account the revenue from speed traps and other fixed penalties that are issued. Where does all that revenue go? The introduction of Police & Crime Com has just increased the problem. Another wage on a Senior Person whilst the bobbies on the beat disappear.

    Waste Collection….I am all for recycling but to reduce normal waste collection to once every 2 weeks is madness. Just increases fly tipping. And don’t get me started on when they do empty the bins. More rubbish on streets now especially after the bins are emptied. Just seems a to tal lack of pride in a job. Ok it is a job I wouldn’t want to do but if you empty a bottle bank make sure they all go in the truck. And don’t just throw my bin down the road somewhere close, put it back by my gate.




    Roads – Sick of the pot holes around Wrexham. The amount of road works at any given time could give the impression our roads should be perfect. I liked the idea of introducing a permit scheme that Labour mentioned but had discarded. Need to hold the utilities companies to account and get some revenue to finance repairs. The worst roads in Wales, scandalous.



    Youth services…good one Dylan. I’m extremely lucky where I am. The Councillor has fought hard to retain a great facility here. And it makes a huge difference to the kids. There is a direct relation to anti social behaviour and youth provision and to make the cuts that this executive have instigated is just beyond belief.

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