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    How to get people into the right frame of mind for work?

    How about offering them a decent living wage?



    The broader context is that giving someone a property/flat or a job with good pay with suitable support they will fail. People who have lived a chaotic life or one surounded by substance abuse don’t have basic life skills to manage- su[port is essential.



    What you suggest is so right, if all the services were under the one roof it would give the homeless an address so once they sort themselves out they could then apply for jobs. I’m sure this would be a lot cheaper and more efficient if all the services were located at the Groves and at least it would be actually be used for something useful. In turn this would enhance the town centre as it’s not very welcoming of an evening when several doorways are occupied by homeless people. To me it’s a win win, homeless off the streets in a warm bed, help with their addictions, and maybe Cambria could provide some on site education too ?

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