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    I am declaring that I am not an Ex Councillor or prospective one!!

    Congratulations to for their excellent section on the forthcoming Election — very well thought out and the Q & A will be particularly challenging for a large number to respond to – particularly those ex Councillors who have sat for a number of years not be on the Executive and doing little to change things — we have never heard many of them speak on many issues as seen on recent web casts with such poor attendance at meetings. Giving them all the same set of questions will hopefully give the electorate the opportunity to see what stance their candidates would take on issues.

    The first respondent Gareth Baines has identified two areas that he is not knowledgeable on at present–
    1) Social Care – 2 billion from Government to help fund the crisis — funding from Westminster to Wales is devolved and the Welsh Government can spend their Barnet formula funding on anything at all – in the past we have seen these headline announcements only to find the WG not sending a single penny on the intended purpose.
    2) Considering the NPS and drug related issues is so high on the local agenda it is surprising that he has made no reference to local support services but references FRANK which is primarily an English support structure.

    The answer to question 25 will in a lot of cases by the crunch question– if a candidate has not been active locally and have a face that ‘fits’ regardless of their political affiliation their chance of success will be reduced.

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