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    I would like someone to explain to me what part of respecting the firebreak lockdown rules the esteemed Wrexham MP fails to understand?

    Going out to get her picture taken with police for publicity.

    The main overriding rule:

    People must stay at home, except for very limited purposes.

    Okay fair enough there are some limited purposes shall we explore what might validate this activity?

    You may leave home:

    for work purposes, or voluntary or charitable purposes, but only where it is not reasonably practicable to do this from home

    Could Sarah Atherton have promoted this message from home? Yes, she most certainly could have done so and had a zoom photo with a police officer colleague if necessary. The point would have been the same. Or she could have waited until a week on Monday to get the photo.

    Perhaps the most poignant piece of the guideline she’s not even taken into remote consideration is the following:

    Even where something may be allowed, we ask you not to think about whether it is permitted but whether it is truly necessary and sensible. The purpose of this short lockdown is to create a concerted national effort to do everything we can to stop the spread of coronavirus, and every individual contribution to that counts.

    She is supposed to be setting an example for the entire town, if people see her going out just to take photos what is stopping others from doing the same thing?



    Continuing to set the sort of example she’s becoming well known for. :- A bad one!



    Perhaps she’s on her morning or afternoon walk and bumped into the nice policeman, I suppose after the photo shoot he could have said your nicked!

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    MP1953 that is the sort of amusing response I was hoping for because whilst in part this is criticism of her it’s also showing the entire farcical nature of the current firebreak rules.

    The fact is pretty much anyone could find a loophole in them to justify whatever activity it is they are doing at any given time – as long as it isn’t a house party or trying to buy a new iron. The old saying “The Law is an Ass” springs to mind.

    If everyone decided to go and do what they wanted then the firebreak will have been for nothing and I’m altogether skeptical it’s been any good anyway – the way the virus is ravaging uncontrolled through England.

    Our fire break has been the equivalent of p*ss*ng on a campfire to try and put it out whilst we observe a raging forest fire just across the road with the wind in our direction.



    Maybe she was on her way to Conwy castle to check her eyesight?



    The other interesting question will be whether or not Ms Atherton and the other Welsh Tory MPs who so aggressively opposed the Welsh National lockdown will inform the Prime Minister that a England or even UK wide lockdown that lasts even longer is a bad idea – or will they be whipped into the nodding dogs that they are.

    This was her statement re: firebreak

    It sounds very much like there is going to be a panicked cabinet meeting and an announcement possibly over the weekend or by Monday at the latest and opinions from medical experts that the horse has bolted the stable in terms of getting infections under control.

    If this is the case then in my opinion the Celtic nations have shown foresight in locking down earlier to limit spread and that attacks from Conservative MPs against them were purely political and opportunistic.



    Boris press conference at 5pm today (Saturday)! Cabinet meeting on a Saturday as well , looks like some kind of English lockdown on the way. Will our MP be supporting that or voting against ?


    Captain C

    I just hope it’s a UK lockdown as it makes more sense.



    It does make you wonder if there would have been a more joined up approach if the political parties were the same in Cardiff and Westminister.



    With figures of 1300 cases confirmed in Wales today surely the Welsh Government cannot lift the Firebreak on 9th November. There is clearly a need to start working together for the sake of the whole country- the whole idea of wales coming out of a lockdown when England are just going in is just totally illogical.

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