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    If you are a hungry child in poverty over the Christmas period because your parents aren’t receiving any income due to Covid-19 then the answer local MPs Simon Baynes and Sarah Atherton have given is NO. Along with the rest of the I’m Alright Jack and Old Etonians club.

    It’s only fitting that the Tories want to see people in Dickensian levels of poverty in what will be one of the toughest Winters this country has seen in a long time.

    Now someone will pipe up and say it’s the parents job to feed a child they’ve had and not the state, but it’s difficult when there are mass layoffs taking place with more to come, furlough rates being cut. An absolute pittance being offered this time to those self employed – even though during fire break a number of tradesmen won’t be allowed to operate their business because they can’t do their job from home. Business owners can’t pay enough money for themselves let alone keep their businesses running when they have to shut up shop. Anyone new who wants Universal Credit has to wait 6 weeks to get paid.

    The very least that should be deemed fair by society is that no child should go hungry this winter.



    Matt this is England only. Welsh Government announced couple of weeks ago that they are paying £19.50 per child on Free Shool Meals during holiday till Easter next year. They are also paying for FSM children who are sent home to isolate.
    Problem is not all children who face hunger will be on Free School Meals..



    Except it means that Ms Atherton and Mr Baynes voted to make English children go hungry.

    I’m surprised Wrexham voters put a ruinous brexit in front of feeding children.



    Having been raised in a family that relied on FSM because we really were poor, I will always endeavor to agree that no child should go hungry. The difficult part is making sure the money goes to feed the children. There was a stigma when we used to queue up at separate sides of the dining hall to the paying kids but at least we had our dinner.
    These days it seems they give the money in weekly or monthly installments with parents then paying for dinners, obviously leading to some spending it on other things. Pre Covid,and Marcus Rashford pushing for them, free school meals have as far as I’m aware never been paid in holiday times, please correct me if I’m wrong. Incidentally,Marcus Rashford, don’t you just love it when someone is a socialist with tax payers money, but a capitalist with his own.
    The fire break is Drakeford and his cohort ruining our economy and making the poor poorer, but perhaps as Jane says he done something beneficial for a change or more likely he just has to do the opposite regardless.

    Anyway personally I agree that no child should go hungry ever and I would beg, steal or borrow before any of mine would.



    Two words I truly wish with all my heart that I never hear again, Brexit and Covid.



    It’s even more questionable of their actions if the Welsh Government has covered children in their constituencies, so are immune to angry backlash here, can in all decent consequence want to rob children in other parts of the UK of the same safety net.

    It’s quite a strange move, even for the Tories overall when their endgame before the next election will be to preserve Northern Red Wall seats that they won last election, when they are continuing a Thatcheresque assault and dereliction of the North in general.

    No wonder Scotland wants to get out of this Union.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Children go to school, schools offer school meals and have kitchens, keep the kitchens open and keep serving the meals. A decent breakfast and a decent two course lunch of proper cooked food would go much further and would be cheaper to roll out across the country, than just handing over money with all the risks that involves of it not reaching the child. The school meals approach has the benefits of economies of scale and could support the local food economy too.



    I have often thought that it would be a good idea to cut child benefir for all school age children & give them all free school lunches ensuring that they would at least have one hot nutrious meal a day & the money would go where it was intended. Children would all be treated equally instead of the embarrassment of some children queueing for free school meals.

    School holiday clubs could do the same during school breaks.



    Totally agree with Zinger here. That is such a lovely idea which takes away stigmas and makes sure the money goes where it is supposed to!



    Speaking as someone who doesn’t have children, It amazes me that a midday meal isn’t part and parcel of attending school.
    It just seems logical that making sure there’s at least one decent meal not only helps from a health point of view but also has other benefits.
    Healthy, and properly fed, tends to have mental, as well as physical benefits.

    As has already been mentioned, it also removes any chance of the sort of stigma I remember when kids had to put their hands up if they were entitled to free meals.

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