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    I attended the planning meeting this afternoon. There were 5 labour councillors on the planning committee, one of those declared an interest and left the room. Out of the 4 left, 3 of them spoke out about this development. I would say they were very vocal!

    What about the Labour councillor that stood up and said he did not understand, and therefore he was going to abstain from voting. What a complete waste of a vote. If you do not have the powers to understand you should not put yourself forward for election.



    Maybe if the developer reduces the number of homes to say 200ish they would get planning permission?



    Being very vocal is one thing Pinky, but if they have nothing sensible to say, they would be well advised to keep quiet. Without a shadow of doubt, some speakers made complete and utter fools of themselves yesterday.

    Jimbow, I think that you have been rather kind there. I think that several others should have taken that lead also. It was clear from the questions asked, that it was more widespread than one individual.

    Perhaps it may be good for them to watch a replay of the meeting and to rate their own performances. I actually cringed for some of them in sheer embarrassment. And they are our town elders!!!



    The latest spat between the Chair of the Planning Committee and Lesley Griffiths AM shows the deterioration in how Wrexham Council are operating and the move to a culture of blame shift.
    Fact 1.
    Wrexham Council failed in their Statutory Duty to delivery a full Local Development Plan in 2012 and have still not had one signed off.
    Fact 2.
    The Planning Committee should have pushed for the LDP to have been completed as this would then given them the criteria on which land is automatically available for housing and other development.
    Fact 3.
    The Council will have a significant number of Planning Appeals due to not having a clear plan for what is in and what is out.
    Fact 4.
    The potential development land price will determine where a builder will try and get planning permission with a proportionate profit
    Fact 5.
    Any elected person Councillor, AM or MP should be prepared to reflect the views of local residents even if this may go against their own political party

    Clr Morris should set a priority in his role to get the LDP sorted to stop all the expensive appeals– land is required for housing -sort it now or the Wrexham area development and growth will kill the County Borough as developers move to surrounding counties.



    Seldom, if ever, do I find myself in agreement with Dylan, but the comments he makes above, I endorse 100%.
    The committee is clearly not fit for purpose and has no consistency in its’ approach to planning applications. Applicants have no idea which way the wind is blowing on any given day and perfectly reasonable, well researched and presented applications are rejected at the drop of a hat.
    Yes, they are ok with Mrs Jones’s garage extension but anything more complex than that, they appear to have little or no understanding. It is like a child who is learning its’ times tables being presented with calculus and being expected to solve the problem.
    Cllr. Morris should apologise unreservedly for his comments and realise that it was neither the time nor the forum for making what is in effect, a party political statement.
    My educated guess is that, unless they up their act considerably, the time is drawing near to when the meetings will not be broadcast, and they too will be held in camera.



    I refer to comments of our council leaders regarding the rejection of the planning application at home farm llay.

    Leslie griffiths states that it is in fact wrexham councils responsibility in the there failure to submit a L.D.P
    This is typical behaviour from such assembly members who care so little for Wrexham.
    Free available information from the assembly points out wrexham having a submitted L.D.P thrown our and told to re submit one with more housing.

    This to me is not local democracy. but bullying.

    What people seem unable to accept that the roads around llay and rhosrobin are mostly built for rural traffic, and are already choked at busy times.

    Pleased drive up the llay main road towards the the traffic lights at the crown and try and turn right on the gresford road, if you do try you will have to filter into a ghost lane and sit there, whilst traffic is heading directly towards you, many are wanting to turn “in your lane” and many are very large lorries it dangerous and inept planning.

    One solution we have been told is a roundabout who on earth comes up with these madcap ideas.

    The plan is i repeat is outside the L.D.P the welsh assembly cannot bypass this law against people wishes unless they want to bypass the democratic process and possibly human rights.

    The local schools are full period. so are the heath centres and a bit a bullying will not fix it.

    For goodness sake if we must build the only available feasible place must be very near the main routes.

    And yes we do now know who is pushing this madness through against local and our own council wishes.

    The welsh assembly want houses built without investment in infastructure, carwyn and his mates would rather invest in a vanity project like cardiff airport


    Developers appeal over controversial homes plan in Llay

    PLANS to appeal a decision to refuse planning permission for a controversial 365-home development could have a ‘devastating’ impact on a village.

    Last year Wrexham Council’s planning committee turned down plans to build the development on land near Gresford Road in Llay.

    People living in Llay hit out at the potential 24-acre, 365-home development being proposed for land at Home Farm, next to Gresford Road and Straight Mile, opposite an existing housing estate, and formed the Gresford Road Action Group to fight the plans.

    They insisted it would mount pressure on the village’s school, doctor’s surgery and roads.

    But developers have confirmed an appeal has been lodged with the planning inspectorate in the hopes of reviving the plans, which they claim will benefit the community.

    Llay community councillor Dennis Owen, who was one of the driving forces behind the action group, said he feared the development could have long-term implications for the village. He said: “We are very, very determined to stop this development because it will destroy the village. When the application was originally thrown out, not only was the public gallery packed, there were people standing at the back and sitting on the steps. It just shows the strength of feeling.

    “I am very confident it can be defeated because the feeling is so strong in Llay. The settlement boundary is still the same and the pressures on the school and the doctor’s surgery are not decreasing.”

    Llay county councillor Rob Walsh warned if the appeal was successful, it could have a huge impact on Llay in the long term.

    He said: “If this development went ahead, it would be devastating for Llay unless there was a massive injection of cash in terms of a new health centre and extensions to the school.

    “We have got major issues with sewerage on Gresford Road and that would need to be addressed as well. I’m totally against these plans but if the development did go ahead, I’m not convinced the current drains and sewer network would be able to cope.

    “It’s also important to remember this development would be built on agricultural land. I think we have got to be very careful not to build on it. One day in the future we might need that land and once it is built on it’s gone forever.”

    “There was a clear feeling last autumn that the people of Llay did not want this development. The reasons were because of the extra pressure it would put on local infrastructure. The planning committee voted very clearly against this because it was outside the settlement limits and contravened the Unitary Development Plan.

    “The developers have a right to appeal but as far as I’m concerned, a decision was made in October and we will be determined to make sure that decision stands.

    “At the end of the day, I think the most important factor is the planning committee rejected this development almost unanimously. Not one councillor voted in favour and the public gallery was packed, such was the interest.

    “I would like to think the planning inspector will take the strength of local feeling into account.”

    But Michael Cunningham, of Michael Cunningham Architects, tried to allay residents’ fears about the huge housing bid. He said: “I can confirm there is an intention to appeal and we are hoping the appeal process will start soon. I think these plans would be positive for Wrexham and for Llay. It would bring investment, create new jobs and bring the opportunity for a wider range of housing for the area.”

    A date has not yet been set for the appeal to be heard by the Planning Inspectorate.


    Captain C

    Thanks Sheefag you saved me a job. Yes the appeal has gone in but we are informed that it will take months before everything is set up and there will be a public meeting most likely at the end of summer and maybe even in later.

    I love Michael Cunningham he is repeating the drivel he used 18 months ago and was chased out of Llay then. He lives in the middle of Liverpool and doesn’t understand village life and how places such as Llay do not want and extra 1200 people living there if we wanted to live in that sort of place we could move to Liverpool and annoy him.



    i drive passed the crown every day you cant move there now for traffic and if another 600 cars are to be there to wow then what. i hope this is not passed


    i drive passed the crown every day you cant move there now for traffic and if another 600 cars are to be there to wow then what. i hope this is not passed

    J, again punctuation, a disgrace mate! But also how can you drive ‘passed’ the Crown and not move for traffic?

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