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    Excellent idea, some of the side streets around Wrexham are a nightmare for parents with prams and pushchairs.



    It’s a ridiculous idea that would never work thanks to the way housing estates with many cul-de-sacs have been designed makes on road parking for additional vehicles or visitors to a house impossible unless the vehicles park at least partway (leaving a decent space for pedestrians) on the pavement.

    There are 3 vehicles now parked on the pavement near my house – owned by other residents that if moved exclusively onto the road would block access to 3 different neighbours driveways and also create access issues for the bin lorries. It would not be physically possible for them to do their collection on our road that is up a steep hill as it would not be able to get past all the blocking vehicles, neither would any delivery lorries or emergency service vehicles be able to make it up here either.

    This is also the case outside my parents house where the street isn’t long enough to have parked cars on road only outside people’s houses. Etiquette dictates for smooth access issues that people park partially on the pavement.

    Now I totally understand there should be zones where pavement parking should be banned such as in retail areas with high pedestrian footfall or outside parks, recreational areas and schools.

    But a blanket ban would be ludicrous & would no doubt be flaunted and largely unenforceable unless tell tale neighbours were involved. People aren’t going to stop having additional cars (plus some houses don’t even have driveways) that they need to use to go to work all day or be prevented from having visitors.

    The cynical part of me also believes it would be a massive excuse for councils to hire masses of traffic wardens again going on a ridiculous money making spree.



    I was going to be a traffic warden,but the council found out me mam and dad were married.

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