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    Almost on a daily basis, some resident group or other attempts to stand in the way of progress or development by forming ‘pressure groups’ to complain about new initiatives.
    To name 3 recent ones:
    1. Proposed prison.
    2. Proposed Power Station.
    3. Proposed Chicken Farm.

    Is it any wonder that Wrexham continues to be a third rate backwater where progress in the form of industry, employment and economic benefits are shunned in favour of the vocal minority by spineless Councillors who are more interested in being top of the popularity stakes than increasing the status of the Borough?
    It is high time that the NIMBY attitude that has developed in Wrexham is curtailed by Elected representatives having the courage to do what is right for the Borough rather than acting like nodding donkeys to appease extremely small minorities.

    I remember some time age, a resident on Homestead Lane being pilloried for erecting a dwelling on green belt land and yet on the other side of Ruthin Road, a major housing development was permitted by the Council. Consistency? I think not.

    Councillors, do what is right and make progress or the town will remain in the lower leagues, just like its’ football club.



    How can you be so sure that any action groups/campaigns etc. will always be voicing the concerns of the minority? Perhaps residents wishing to support proposals such as those you mentioned should consider running pro campaigns to highlight any benefits they may have?



    Benjamin, may I ask which area you live? Which of these developments would be in Your back yard? Also was planning consent applied for before & accepted prior to building in green belt land or was it done retrospectively in which case they got they deserve to be made to pull it down. It is a bit like moving next door to a church & then deciding that you don’t like the sound of bells but in reverse. I would not purchase a house next to any of these developments.



    To answer some of the questions posted above:

    When I say that the minority, I am talking not parochially but on a Borough wide basis, where indeed the pressure group are a minority- the vast majority are apathetic to proposals. As far as running a pro campaign, surely that is unnecessary if the elected members do what is considered right and proper for the populace as a whole.
    Secondly, it is irrelevant as to which area I live as the Council is mandated to act on behalf of all, ergo, one must take the rough with the smooth in decisions made.

    Regarding green belt land development, the particular case I cited referred to a member of a minority grouping who had inhabited the site for many years to my knowledge, and I might add, with the tacit approval of the Authorities. Therefore, if it is contrary to regulations to live on or develop green belt, then that should be a common thread running throughout the planning process. A clear case of ‘not as I do, but as I say’ methinks.

    Is there not enough brown belt land that could have been utilised first? Perhaps I should start a pressure group to ensure this happens in the future. After all, little noises make Wrexham’s leaders run, metaphorically speaking, with their tails between their legs, similar to a chastised puppy. Or maybe, they’ll prove me wrong.



    @zinger 6996 wrote:

    Benjamin, may I ask which area you live?

    I’d have a stab at New Broughton



    NJones, you would be totally wrong. But as I said, where I live within the Borough is an irrelevancy. The principle remains the same.


    Welsh Dresser

    Those that speak up against a plan have the courage of their convictions and should be applauded for speaking up. Anyone who supports a plan, no matter what the subject, can do the same. It’s down to the individuals. If you feel that a plan needs support then do so. No one is stopping you.



    Back to my original point.
    I would wager that the ‘pressure groups’ would not raise an eyebrow if the proposal was for another location in the Borough. As I say, ‘not in my back yard’ but then again, there would probably be yet another group from that location.
    I am certainly not against legitimate protest where a situation warrants it e.g. The Poll Tax demos or CND marches years ago, but I am definitely against parochial mentality that seems to pervade every issue in and around the Borough.
    One complainant even has the temerity to suggest that the proposed hen barn is wrong for a predominantly rural area. Am I really missing the point here? I thought that matters pertaining to agriculture in whatever form was predominantly a rural activity. Oh no!, not when it is my rural location.



    The County needs a “Single Integrated Plan” that forecasts a combination of what the people want for the future, with where the markets will be:

    @wxm 4673 wrote:

    . . .
    It starts early on about (i) Policy Framework, (ii) Budget, (iii) Legal, (iv) Staffing, (v) Equality & Human Rights, and (vi) Risks.

    . . . The priorities ask for (a) independent, healthy & active place to live, (b) strong, resilient & responsible economy, and (c) place that is safe, and everyone feels included . . .



    I always expect individuals to act in their own interests. Sometimes those interests will coincide with a wider consensus and be in the interests of the whole community, sometimes they will be not. Each Councillor will do similarly. If the protests against something lead to Councillors stopping ‘progress’ in their tracks, so be it. Unfortunately, judging by the remarks about the Poll Tax and CND it is clear that Benjamin’s definition of ‘progress’ is itself subjective.

    Just because there are those who oppose a prison doesn’t mean that they are against ‘progress’ it just means that they have a different opinion about what constitutes ‘progress’

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