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    So L@ckmy-w@lly Hancock was lying when he made the statement regards NHS debt!
    He wont like the tone of your assertion.
    By the way, seeing as you are on first name terms with “Boris” can you ask him when the NHS will start seeing the £350,000,000 a week he and his sidekicks said would go to the NHS.


    Llayby lilly

    There we go folks, NEVER-HARD strikes again…

    Lets break this down.

    1) Where is your evidence that Matt Hancock was lying? I would love to see this evidence NEVER-HARD or your refusal will prove beyond doubt your a COCK and a soft cock at that no doubt…! You will see its Government Policy, not to mention widely reported on throughout the worlds media, with not a jot of doubt regarding the sincerity of this Policy. please see…

    2) The country is pretty much on first name terms with Boris as he is a popular and charismatic PM, a bit like your friend Tony B, before his illegal wars discredited him.

    3) The promise of NHS will start seeing the £350,000,000 a week will commence once we have fully disentangled ourselves from the EU. Wait and see.




    L@ckmy-W@lly seems to be upset, again.
    Mind you not difficult when dealing with a right wing reactionary.
    “I’m writing off £13.4 Billion of historic debt”, Hancock claiming it was him.
    You are saying Johnson made the decision therefore you are saying Hancock is not being truthful.
    I have two friends named “Tony B”, Bradshaw and Blake,(sound like solicitors) neither of whom have started “illegal wars”, what nonsense are you spouting now?
    And you still believe the propaganda about £350,000,000 a week going to the NHS? You have made yourself look a bigger fool than you already have.
    I will not respond to your follow up diatribe of verbal diarrhoea regards this subject, which you will make because you can’t control yourself, showing I am right.

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