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    As reported in news section we now have a new caravan camp site in St Giles Council car park.
    Perhaps the Council will now “ask” them if the Travellers would like to move to the newly recognised Groves site were they will be “tolerated”.

    The precedent has been set on the Groves by the Council. The Council have the added issue this time that Travellers could have added case for discrimination if they force an eviction without alternate site.

    Don’t forget the new camp we s will expect toilets and rubbish skips.



    I wonder if these are the same travellers which were in Aldi car park on Plas Coch at the weekend.



    Of course you only need to see the huge comments thread to see what the Facebook Intelligentsia make of it all. A real bang your head against the wall read.

    As much as I respect that Travellers have the right to live the way they choose, it is bad publicity for Wrexham that they can just come smack bang in the middle of town and cause disruption.

    It would never be agreed to due to any given Nimby within a 5 mile radius, but some kind of short stay traveller ground that they could come to when they visit Wrexham would avoid this rigmarole every time of them popping up on fields outside schools and church car parks.

    That way it would show that Wrexham was welcoming but at the same time leave the Police with the option to point out that they were creating a nuisance by setting up any illegal camp elsewhere and encourage them to relocate there rather than act like they were being run out of town.

    I’m sure there are several legal & local council feasibility issues as to why this is not an easy option. But if we’ve got a tolerated homeless camp we should have a designated traveller site – treating this as a separate issue to the permanent & full traveller site we already have.



    The travlers do not deserve any respect due to the way they behave .On the subject of campsites ,there are plenty in the area ,but no campsite owner would entertain this group ,I don’t need to list any reasons as most know why.
    Everywhere they go they cause trouble of one kind or another,it’s time for authority to come down hard on them.



    Barricade them in & only let them out when they will clean up the mess they always leave
    Why should the ratepayers always pay to clean up after these types

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