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    Maureen Gray

    Why not build a roundabout at the Crown crossroads?


    Captain C

    Because there is a natural pond there and it is protected. Just look opposite the Crown Inn and you will see it within the trees.


    Born Acorn

    The pond is smaller than the centre of the Gresford roundabout, they could build around it.

    llay roundabout.

    I suspect the real issue is funding. Any solution would be more expensive than can be practically extracted from Aldi from s106 funding. The councils own highways department would need to fund it, as it’s no trunk road either.

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    Captain C

    They would have to purchase the land on the opposite side of straight mile and also part of the field off Chapel Lane as Aldi and the developers do not own them. This was looked into a few years ago and was rejected because of the trees plus habitat.


    Ioan y Ffin

    Is there a reason why they don’t build it on the industrial estate with its various brownfield sites rather than on farmland??



    They should be redeveloping brownfield sites, but it’s a lot cheaper to clear/prepare green belt land. But that’s capitalism for you.



    How is it ‘not sustainable for people to travel to Wrexham / Gwersyllt / Broughton’ but it seems it was sustainable to build a big housing estate (on green fields) where most will be travelling to Wrexham / Chester / Further afield to work (and can do their shopping on their way home).



    Supermarkets are about convenience – not everyone does a daily commute or wants to do their shopping on their way home from work. I’m not sure sustainability was the accurate representation in the language they used of what as anyone with a car can shop anywhere. It’s more to do with supply and demand with the demand being there for an Aldi in Llay.

    They are that in demand that average house prices near to an Aldi actually increase.

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