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    Just seen the Tweet about Strathmore GP having an 8 week wait for an appointment= this is a disgrace and should be reported to the Community Health Council.
    This is likely to get worse as yet another surgery is due to close in the Wrexham town area shortly= letters are due out to patients next week although many will already be aware.
    The wait for a GP are going to get longer and more pressure on A and E in the Maelor with an increasing shortage of GPs.

    Problems have occurred in the Gwersyllt practice and recently the Health Board had to take over a surgery in Prestatyn.

    It looks like health services in the community are about to implode.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    That’s an improvement for Strathmore!

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    Which Dr’s is closing? It’s not Hillcrest, is it?



    Participant have been passed information for them to get a statement from the Health Board — if this is followed up then details may be printed soon.



    Hillcrest is not closing but the GPs are retiring from the Partnership. This will mean that the LHB will be responsible for providing services to patients at Hillcrest. Letters will be sent to patients explaining the change.



    Which GP Practice is closing – Pen Y Maes in Gwersyllt & Hillcrest are being taken over by BCUHB the end of this year but services will continue for patients at each practice.

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