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    Another developer, Macbryde Homes, is to appeal the democratic Planning Committee decision to reject the Building of another 80 homes in Summerhill. As usual, this will go to the Cardiff adjudicator and with no local knowledge will be approved. We do not need any additional houses in the Wrexham area. Anyone who thinks it will take rough sleepers of the streets is living in ‘cloud cuckoo land’ Given the record low interest rates, these will be purchased by ‘Buy to Let’ landlords, and will thus make tenants pay through the nose. The first step is to ban the purchase of ‘Buy to Let’.

    We must teach the appellants that it is not a wise move to go against a democratic decision of the Wrexham people. The council must make it virtually impossible for the developers to proceed if the Cardiff appeal is won, by daily site inspections, the discovery of Newts, Toads, Bats & Roman & Industrial Ruins, Heath & Safety, Road Dirt etc, etc.

    Even without these actions, the developers will come crying back to the Council to remove the planning requirement for the number of affordable homes, probably due to the CV crisis.
    Any non-compliance with the original ‘appeal approved’ plan should be again be put before the full Wrexham Planning committee.



    Absolute Tosh, you obviously have your own home so let’s forget about the people who don’t and are looking to purchase. We do need new houses in Wrexham, we have or should have an LDP. Look around, apart from self-build nobody is building, most of the existing sites are virtually finished and all sold. Apart from the site on the Cheshire border that will be a haven for Chester and North West buyers who cannot afford house prices up that end there is not a lot about. Most local home builders have or are slowly disappearing due to the cost of land and the hassle involved in planning applications and inevitable appeals.
    Who do you think you are??, who is the “WE”. Telling the Council who you obviously despise to illegally stop developers by hook or crook from building! Appeals are allowed for a reason; our Planning committee is far from perfect and they or you certainly do not speak for most Wrexham people.
    Building control is there to make sure developers adhere to the rules, if they fail then there should be consequences implemented by the Council or Planning.
    Wrexham needs new homes built for the local population and workforce to get on the housing market, address the shortage available and to provide work for the local trades and suppliers. What is does not need is idiots and the loony left barking out orders.

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