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    Why is it that Llay planning decisions always go against what the community know to be right?

    How on earth will the Doctors surgery (or the surrounding practices) cope with all these extra houses?

    Gresford surgery wishes to close & patients shared between Llay & Rossett. Llay residents are already going to other practices because they can’t get appointments.

    I feel so sorry for the councillors who genuinely work their socks off for the village. They must feel so demoralised.



    As was stated quite clearly in th Planning Meeting, it is outside of their remit to disallow an application based on the objections regarding health and educational provision. I note that the Health Board raised no objection regardless.
    What strikes me quite clearly though, is that Llay has more than its fair share of Nimby’s, whatever the application put forward for consideration.
    What I do find quite ironic though is that the meeting called about the closure of Gresford Health Centre is /was held in Llay. I wonder how many Gresford residents will make an appearance at this event? Perhaps then we will see how concerned people really are.



    Not sure exactly what nimby-ism has to do with not being able to get an answer when phoning the surgery, much less an appointment. There was a hue & cry about the Gresford surgery when it was first proposed to close it.

    As I understand it, due to lack of public transport, elderly people are now having to get taxis to get to the surgery on the odd occasion they can get an appointment.


    The Governments (UK & Wales) seem to be inflicting house building on a massive scale saying there is a need ? There may be 20 people on the streets of Wrexham and others elsewhere but these are never going to be able to get one of these new houses. So, where are the proposed occupants of these houses living now ? To encourage population growth, each person and house with a carbon footprint, cannot be in the interests of climate change prevention. The Welsh government have imposed the 50mph limit on the by-pass, yet encourage another 1000+ cars to the region (and by-pass) by house building. All this and no improvements to Roads, Schools, Dentists and with the Hospital having the longest waiting times.

    It is time for civil disobedience ! The council can play their part by frustrating the process of builders on projects that have gone to appeal. This can be achieved by the absolute enforcement of all regulations, preventing timely road closures, strictly enforcing planning conditions (i.e. number of affordable homes/play areas etc), This action will discourage appeals against un-democratic projects. (look what Brexit remainers have done to a democratic decision). The message will be sent – APPEAL with great caution, democracy will intervene.



    The latest in this planning fiasco of covering, then removal of hedgerows at a time when our declining bird population are thinking of nesting is disgraceful.
    Is nothing sacred when planning officers & developers join forces?



    Its terrible that the Hedgerows have been cut down, why could they not stay apart form the opening?. Its not up to the Council to look at what health services that are available for new planning, i would say thats up to the health board, if there are not enough Drs in the area then the Health board should attract & pay for more Dr’s that’s not an excuse not to build needed houses. People are saying new houses are not needed, if that was true house prices would be falling.

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