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    I have no proof of the actual speeds on this road but I live in that area and travel up and down that stretch of road up to 5-6 times per day. Whilst travelling at 60-70mph I regularly get overtaken by cars that make me look like I am stationery, some of them racing. I can pretty much guarantee that if I had access to speed camera equipment and was set up on that road on a Saturday I would catch at least 25-30 cars going well over 80-90mph and probably another 10-15 even over 100mph. I don’t know if a fixed speed camera is the answer, it probably isn’t, but cars racing on public roads is dangerous and needs to be stopped.
    As for smoking whilst driving…I cannot believe that this is still legal! What really annoys me is when the driver in front decides to throw their fag out the window straight onto your vehicle, or into your grill/engine!!



    If you travel at 60-70 mph you will get overtaken on many of the dual carriage ways in the UK. This doesn’t make them unsafe- what makes a road unsafe is drivers who don’t drive to the conditions. take today- inch of snow and cars and articulated lorries still doing 50 mph in the outside lane of the bypass.


    Born Acorn

    Yes, when the motorways were first around, there was no speed limit on them – and that was before the technological wonders of today such as ABS and disc brakes, even mirrors! There was less traffic though.

    I was once told by a driving instructor that the “safe” design speed of a motorway is 140mph. Totally illegal for the public, of course – it’s for the emergency vehicles.

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