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    1. Job prospects (51.8%)
    2. Affordable decent housing (39.0%)
    3. Road and pavement repairs (35.9%)
    4. Wage levels and the cost of living (33.1%)
    5. Activities for Teenagers (32.3%)

    Where are we 18 months on . . .



    We are still not seeing ONE whole cohesive plan for Wrexham.

    This has to fall to the Council, as they have the democratic mandate, and the public money and departments, to do this. Plans have been published for various aspects of the County or community, but ONE plan that sets out how much money we can bring into the County as revenue, how much can be spent,and what our community will look like in ten years as a result of this, is desperately needed.

    What opportunity are we giving our 7 to 21 year olds through education; Rhos was recently mentioned for excellence here? Is Clywedog School underperformance being resolved? What economic model and output of Wrexham will provide for the community; or are residents expected to commute to earn elsewhere?

    While the Council argue about thousands of pounds of cuts and protecting libraries … where is the argument and plan to most effectively spend the tens of millions?

    If the stats / wishes in this earlier post are correct, have the Council measured progress against what was required, and are we delivering and being successful?



    18 months since Wrexham published these priorities, does anyone know of any action that has been taken, and improvements that have been seen



    A boring thread, but in respect of the Council being accountable to the community for performance …what difference has been made in the community, and how will we change the focus of budgets now, to deliver on these key issues

    In one thread, a housing association was proposed. It was also said that this failed during consultation last time. If only an association is affordable, surely we have to do this …

    On education, our flagship schools are failing, and we’re going out to consultation. Surely, we need to make a decision, and move on with pride

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