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    I have noticed my internet connection to be rather slow today and having noticed others saying the same I guess
    there is a problem somwhere. I;m with Sky but have heard BT and Talk Talk are having the same problem.
    I can only hope it is put right quickly.



    I’m with BT and it really seemed fine to me. I downloaded rather a lot today – hope I didn’t steal all the bandwidth!


    I’m with Sky, have no problem.


    Mike Davies

    Sky actually use the BT network.



    Every broad band / phone provider be it talk talk, sky etc., provides it’s signal via the main telephone exchange in Wrexham. The internal equipment is provided and maintained by BT., however the external cabling and equipment ( i.e. external Net Work ) which the individuals signal is carried along is responsibility of ” Openreach “.
    So although your supplier may be sky etc., it will be in the main using BT., and Openreach networks.

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