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    While Welsh Government turns attention to Public Service by the appointment of Leighton Andrews, it is important not to forget the valuable debate that has been held in these forums.

    Everyone seems to agree that we need to change how we spend money, let us hope that we can have a fresh start, with a budget driven by community need



    My view on how they could balance the books

    1. Start by looking at the management structure, it is too top heavy.
    2. Collaboration with another County on delivery of services
    3. Income generation – something the council seem very poor on.
    4. Complete merger with an adjoining authority.

    It is a pity that the recent change around has not meant for a big change in those holding the Executive seats. Talking to a Council Officer last week in his opinion they have only had one Lead Member actually take a lead, and now that member has gone due to the new administration.

    Well time will tell, but we need to see real change.



    If the appointment to any of the Lead Member roles was based on personal experience and professional knowledge then there I probably only one Member that may fulfill the Job Description.
    It is a disgrace that roles can be given out to people without the appropriate credentials — if the appointment followed an appropriate recruitment procedure most would never get a look in.
    What credibility is there if a Lead Member does not understand the professional context in which their officers are writing reports on their behalf?
    This is not just a Wrexham Council issue as most Councils will aso have this as a problem.
    Perhaps the Executive would like to release a statement about the knowledge base of the individual Lead Members on which the various positions have been allocated.


    Maureen Gray

    Never thought the day would come, but I agree totally with you Dylan. Its all jobs for the boys, And I agree that knowledge and experiance of their area doesnt come into it!



    The budget cut this year for Wrexham is 2.9% , but in the context of our near neighbours it could have been worse! Flintshire’s budget cut is 3.4%, Denbighshire 3.7% and Conway massive 4.3%!

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