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    What is being done about the gypsies that have tipped up yet again near to Acton Park.Why aren’t they being moved on under CoVid laws.Is it because of who they are & the police are to scared to deal with them. Forget there rights, what about local people’s rights under the current conditions. 1 rule for 1 & 1 rule for them.



    The policy comes from the top in the Police and Governent. These People are seen as a special case with more needs than others. You try similar and you would be arrested sharpish and your vehicle and caravan impounded at your expense.



    Get in touch with your local MP, also don’t blame the police, they have been cut to the bone.
    Cue S@ckmy W@lly blaming anything and everything on “lefties”, typical right wing snowflake.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    Which Covid Law should be applied to make them move on ?



    The same rule that they use around Wales for the tourists coming from the other parts of the uk to the beaches.

    AMA Express
    AMA Express

    But they’re NFA. Where are they going to return to ?



    To the address that the vehicles are registered to with the DVLA or insurance company’s.


    Llayby lilly

    there you go again, NEVER HARD, shouting your filthy mouth off. I bet you believe your the hardest man in your house don’t you..LOL

    this is what happens when you don’t provide appropriate spaces for travelling communities, they turn up where ever they can!

    My advice is report to your local police, there seems to be plenty of police officers handing out speeding fines, surfing the web looking for hate crimes etc! So, report it to the Police and ask for an incident number and insist they deal with the problem. Whist there, please report Matt who in one of his post admits he is not abiding by the law/guidance by visiting family over 5 miles away.



    Maureen Gray

    Did you hear the one “To the address that the vehicles are registered to with the DVLA or insurance company’s”

    Oh local lad, that’s so funny, get on BGT ASAP te he he!!



    Flintshire had a problem last month. Don’t know if they are still there BUT

    The Welsh Government says “toleration and negotiation” with campers does not mean that authorities are condoning or, authorising an encampment, but that it is simply a “pragmatic response to mitigate potentially harmful outcomes in unprecedented circumstances”.

    Going to put me tent up in Erddig and see how long it taken them to move my encampment. Does anyone have a caravan I can use if I get moved?

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