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    These forums are currently debating very real and genuine issues that impact on the lives of the people of Wrexham, and public spending.

    It is sad to say the least that people have had to resort to Freedom of Information requests, when much of this information should already be of concern to committees, and debate and action should be visible in public.

    Surely with evidence now being debated on these forums, someone should read out a list at a full Council meeting, and openly start the process of using all this healthy debate and information to improve Wrexham for the future.



    I fully agree but with ‘democracy’ in Wrexham Council almost disappeared the process of getting something debated by Council Members is almost impossible. Reports are presented by Council Members and not Officers so limiting the level of debate- certainly no Labour Council Member will ever challenge a report presented by anyone in the coalition.
    The Public have the chance of submitting asking a question at an Executive Board meeting but there is no opportunity to actually debate the topic.
    Look what happened with the Save the Plas Madoc questions — even with 2,000 people supporting there was no chance to have a discussion with the Councilors.
    Try getting Council Members or officers to attend public meetings is impossible – staff members at the moment are so scarred for their jobs with morale so low that no one will put their head above the parapet.
    I would hope that the Wales Audit Office when they come and assess the Council look on this site as it will clearly point them to work areas to investigate.

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