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    So this evening I get an email from WCBC saying they will be continuing with FREE GARDEN WASTE collection for as long as possible. Now this is a breakthrough!!! However, what about those people like us who have paid the £25, ( I know not a lot really) and will not get a refund from WCBC. I sent an email to them, but of course the box is unmanned, I was then directed to a page on the website saying ” Due to circumstances beyond our control we are only delivering critical services, payments for the Green Waste collection service have been suspended until further notice, we will continue to collect all garden waste for free for as long as we can.

    We are unable to issue any refunds, but people who’ve already paid will get a full 12 months’ service from when the scheme begins. You do not need to contact us as we have a full record of those customers who have paid for the service to date.”

    Simply, if they know who we are they can press the buttons and create a simple refund. I think this is a rip off. Now I know someone will say, ‘VIRUS’, more important things to think about’, but this is how Councils will get away with things like this. What if it had been £250 for the Garden Waste? Thankfully it wasn’t. So why are they continuing to do it for FREE, have they realised the administrative issues for the Bin Men of trying to work out who has paid and who hasn’t perchance?

    We shall see, but I still want my £25 back WCBC.

    Stay safe and blessings

    Lady K

    Lady K



    Do you not know how hard the Council staff are working to ensure that you Yes YOU remain safe – the cost of £25 is miniscule compared with the lives they are trying to support give them a break and wake uo to reality in YOUR community


    Mike Davies

    Is this for real? You are aware that you will get your 12 months collection as soon as the system starts. Where is the rip-off?

    Think of it as a bonus that you are getting a few months extra free. I think there are more important things happening right now than setting up a refund for a couple of months only for you to repay the refund a few months later.

    Seriously, the country is in a bad state right now and hundreds, possibly thousands of people will sadly lose their lives. I am sure there are much more important issues that we could be debating.



    Cllr Joanna Kinch (isnt Alun Jenkins the one for Offa?), is this an early April Fools joke?

    Is this all you have got to worry about? We will have a whip around for you on the forum and then you can shut up and let the Council do wot it can to keep essential services running. Bad time to show your selfishness. You should be in your window cheering the NHS staff not wrting here about you not having £25.

    Simply, if they know who we are they can press the buttons and create a simple refund. I think this is a rip off.” Just how stupid are you? Even i know you cannot just do that. They can keep my £25 if it helps them.

    When you stood in the 2017 elections you came over human so why so selfish now?


    Maureen Gray

    Hey sensible people lay off Lady K, she raises a few good points:

    1) she is a selfish idiot.
    2) she is a selfish idiot.
    3) she has no idea how things work in the real world.
    4) she is a selfish idiot.
    5) this attitude is why she is still a candidate.
    6) she is a selfish idiot.
    7) she has had more comments to her thread than votes in 2017.
    8) ditto 1,2,4,6 & 8.



    She’s still getting the service she paid for, but is whining because other people are also getting it.

    The very, very last type of person suited to political office.



    Well LadyK, how do you think this thread is going?

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    People are not being fare to you Princess Lady K.

    I am sure that the council could spare people to write a computer program that would let the cheif executive officer press a button and send a cheque to you.

    Its not like they got anything else to do is it?

    PS glad ALL staff are gettin free parking if they have to go to work even if it is just to pay Lady K.

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    To paraphrase Bob Dylan, “A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom”.



    Wow…that was one mis-timed and ill thought out post Lady K. Time for an apology, surely?

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