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    Have other people received election leaflets from Carol O’Toole , Liberal and Andrew Atkinson, Conservative ? There have been two similar looking leaflets, but different content, from Ian Lucas and one from Carrie Harper, but nothing else.



    Liberal Democrats. None.
    Plaid Cymru. One.
    Labour. Three.
    Conservative. Six. (3 produced locally and 3 stamped, personally addressed from

    Judging by the overkill from the Tories, I wonder whether the validity of their election expenses will once again be under scrutiny post election?



    Six !! No wonder they haven’t had enough for other parts of the town !!!



    In Clwyd South here.
    – Lib dems: Nothing
    – Plaid: Nothing
    – Labour: 1 (yesterday)
    – Conservatives: 4

    The gist of it so far is:
    – Vote Conservative because Corbyn is an idiot (no info on the local candidate though).
    – Vote Labour because the local Conservative candidate is an idiot.

    Not really anything on anything local, except Labour saying they’re going to continue bringing more jobs to the area.


    Mine go straight in the bin, I know who I’m voting for and a leaflet wont change my mind.



    You missed out UKIP in South Clwyd, but take it they have not done anything either. Coming so soon after the Local Elections it looks like some parties have no funds for leaflets or they feel they are not worth doing in the age of the Internet .

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