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    Is Wrexham jumping on a bandwagon that is already past its sell by date? Lock down has proved to many people how much money they have wasted on take away coffee and sandwiches. Couple that with more people working from home is the “Drive Thru” doomed?



    We need another one of these as much as i need another nipple. I don’t use the ones i have so whats the point?



    I don’t have any faith in Larry Isted and his planning committee.

    However despite a recommendation for approval from the council’s chief planning officer, Isted, the local community council has said it “strongly objects” to the plans.

    In its response to the proposals, the community council says the “scientific evidence shows an increase in ground level ozone pollution at drive through sites which will have a detrimental impact upon the nearby Alexandra School. The pupils will be subject to high level emissions for idling vehicles, which would be harmful to health.”

    Remember when Larry talked about Glyndwr’s plans he said
    “Given that the units are solely for the use of students, I see no reason why any occupier should, or would desire to have a motor vehicle during their occupancy.”

    And then The plans have also been welcomed by Cllr Wynn,
    “If that means being stuck in a traffic queue at peak-times for longer, then surely that is a small price we ought to pay.”

    If you are reading TIMREGENCY and EVERHARD can you sort out the local idiots before you sort out the Tories.



    We should realise that the big companies will have done their homework and will have assessed the income generation factor — part of the move to drive through’s are recognising the reduction generally of people going for ‘sit in’ in their restaurants.

    Fully accept the issue over car fumes and pollution close to the school- the starting point though should be parents to turn off their engines and not leave idling when taking children to school.

    Not sure how you can blame the Planning Department as they have struct guidelines on which they can reject an application – there is very little reason



    Another Community Council raising objections on the most tenuous of reasons ie increase in omissions from idling car engines. This may be true where a drive thru is on an isolated site but in the curtilage of a busy supermarket car park, it hardly stands up to scrutiny as a real consideration for rejection.
    I look forward to the day when a Community Council or County Councillor doesn’t raise an objection to a Planning Application in their neck of the woods.
    And some still wonder why Wrexham hasn’t progressed beyond the 90’s (and that’s on the generous side).

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