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    I can’t believe how many down-and-outs are seen in this area. There is a college full of impressionable children mean and regularly these individuals are seen (and heard!!) in comatosed states in the vicinity. Something needs doing before a serious incident occurs.


    I have just walked past the garden of rest in Rhosddu and it is very intimidating to be approached by junkies and drunks in there. I can see why people around our area won’t walk to the chemist or the Spar for fear
    of these undesirables.
    Seems to me the Police just turn a blind eye to what is going on there.



    Similarly in Lord St this afternoon. Druggies openly rolling and smoking joints and not a single PCSO to be found anywhere (and believe me, I did look).

    Seems as if now that the magical panacea of the PSPO has been introduced, the public are expected to believe that the streets have been cleared of undesirables (as if they are likely to take any notice) and policing the the town centre is no longer necessary. Let me tell you categorically, it has not.

    From my observations on various occasions, the whole scheme appears to have been a resounding flop.


    Just seen a tweet by PCSO Perrin to say they may be replacing a bench in Rhosddu park. At first look I thought it
    was some sort of joke. But maybe they want the druggies to sit in comfort while abusing passers by. How thoughtful.


    The country as a whole, is sleepwalking towards diy vigilante justice.



    Wrexham the armpit of North Wales with all the druggies alcoholics and the rest of the dross in and around the area just makes you want to pay more in tax to help them (not).



    Perhaps that’s why we are having a super prison built ready for sticking them all into if they break the law like taking or supplying drugs, littering, unpaid fines & shoplifting to fund their habits. There’s always hope.



    its one person having a drink he has not coused any troble or anything but the police found it they had to do something to me he was easy pickings as they say.
    this is the sad police in wrexham we have they dont find real criminals they pick on the people they can pick on.
    sad sad sad
    do a proper job will you



    Who was having a drink? Who was easy pickings? You have lost me.



    It makes me very sad to see some of the comments on this thread. Yes, some of the people who are homeless are not people who we might think of as ‘nice’ or ‘respectable’ but they are people, none the less.
    People who may have made some wrong choices in their lives in some cases – but don’t we all? Many have lost home and jobs through mental illness. One in four adults in the UK suffers from mental illness in the UK every year so it could just be you next. Some have lost good businesses through no fault of their own, sometimes because they’ve been cheated or fallen ill or just drowned in red tape.
    Some have been through desperate family tragedies, some thrown onto the street because their families are impossible to be with or because of a rogue landlord. many would love to have a home like yours to live in. Have you who dismiss them as rubbish in a few ill-judged words ever tried to get to know any one of these real, suffering people? Ever done even the littlest thing to try to help? You claim they are smelly or scruffy – maybe you could take some toiletries or clothes to the Salvation Army so that they can get clean and warm?
    I can understand that these people seem frightening – the same can be said for many others too. I under stand that syringes in a play area are a bad thing – though most aren’t left in the playground itself actually.
    The real scandal is that in such a rich society we can’t even provide decent mental health services or a single room for certain members of our own society. That we’d rather judge them and give them derogatory labels though we know little about them than complain to the Council that they are failing in their duty to provide homes for all residents.
    How can we help such people, and in so doing, maybe help ourselves to be better members of society too?

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