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    Internet streaming cost–
    Make up for Councilors
    Elocution lessons so people can understand the speakers
    New clothes allowance so that the image looks good

    Maybe tongue in cheek but it does feel like these are the kind of thing Council Members would ask for!!



    It is very clear from reading these forums, and from conversations amongst the community that trust between councillors / Council and community is ebbing or lost. Many authorities at little cost broadcast through the web council meetings and proceedings. This is desperately needed in Wrexham?



    Well the one thing that Wrexham will become famous for will be Fairy Tales- the myths of the inner workings of Wrexham Council. Historically fairy tales had a small amount of fact and then the story tellers embroidered the rest– clearly there are a number of people in the inner workings of the Council who are able to fulfill this role..



    Interesting quote from Neil Rogers in today’s Leader:-
    “He and fellow members HAD donated their pay increase to charities in the Wrexham area and that he believed the majority of members would follow suit”

    At the risk of being cynical, this tends to indicate that acceptance of the pay rise was a done deal prior to the vote being taken by full Council and that Labour members are extremely philanthropic towards local good causes.
    Or maybe there is a second interpretation, that there is some degree of prevarication in the statement made.
    I treat with some degree of scepticism the statement that there was no alternative to accepting the increase recommended by the IRPW. The Review Body for the NHS made recommendations to Government regarding pay increases for NHS staff, but the Government refused to accept them and imposed their own settlement. Surely it is within the powers of the less than useless Welsh Assembly, or indeed Local Authorities to accept or reject RECOMMENDATIONS!!!!!!



    Throughout history people have had to make a stand and fight for what is right, despite people telling them they can’t. What terrible fate would have happened to our councillors if they had refused the pay rise?

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