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    Having been dismayed by the continued decline of certain aspects of Wrexham, primarily the opportunity for economic outputs, industry and jobs … and little or no discussion amongst the community to change this, I read these forums to find inspiration and contribute to the debate.

    We are fortunate in Wrexham to have a County that people clearly take a great deal of pride in; and we have strong heritage and investment in some aspects of the community that holds it together, such as some schools that have been consistently performing well for over forty years.

    But the future of Wrexham has been blighted by poor economic opportunity. We do not have an industrial, retail or other trading offer, and the competition that is better connected to communities and where businesses have continued to build, are so far in front that Wrexham cannot catch up.

    The leadership at present comes from the Council, they have hundreds of voices paid daily to sell their message into the wider world. True engagement is missing, and Wrexham will continue to disappear and be subsumed into the wider community around it.

    Giving work to private companies should be exactly that, unconnected companies in private ownership, and so long as the Council continue to reinvent themselves by wrongly doing this type of work, nothing will improve. The Council need to stop trying to ‘fix’ the economy, and let free trade prosper in Wrexham, as it does through the developed world.



    Fully agree — you cant always keep looking back and trying to recreate it. The lager business in Wrexham died but through the micro brewer of Wrexham Larger this is now back again — same product but different economic model–
    I’m sure some people would like to see the leather works or knicker factories come back because they employed large numbers of people– they won’t because the world has moved on– look forward and create a future look back long enough and you neck wont turn forward again it will become stuck in the past.
    Forward and dynamic leadership will encourage new business ideas to come to the area and give confidence to our own home grown talent to come back.
    The Council and its f
    That is the Future.unctions in 10-15 years time will be massively different — why have a Guildhall and Lampit street office block — utilize IT – instigate home working for staff- video conference for meetings, hot desk around the community in office pods the ideas are limited only by those that want to preserve the present and bring back the past. Just ensure you keep at least one public face to face point.
    These concepts could save millions to ensure that front line services remain. The challenge is down.



    The council seems to have outsourced more than I thought. This morning I received a letter from a company in Bromborough called PCS Systems Ltd (as I am sure most of us have) and my immediate reaction that it was some sort of mail shot. Lo and behold it was my Council Tax demand, without the usual leaflets explaining where my hard earned money has been spent in the past 12 months. Will the leaflets follow in due course from another source I wonder.



    So much for the Welsh pound being spent in Wales- there are various date prossessing centres in Wales that are more than cabable of doing the job.

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