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    Which is why everyone is crying out for Leighton Andrews to get on with it and either do it or shelve it. There is nothing worse than the axe hovering above.



    This really is not a Leighton issue it is about the style in which senior managers and Council Members are going about funding cuts- ask around in other counties and it is a totally different approach there is a more measured response with a far more phased process.
    If anything this is about our Leaders doing a total anti Labour Welsh Government stance with a view that come next years Elections they will be able to discredit our local Labour candidates- it is a disgrace that they are bringing personal political views into the management of the Council in this way at the cost of peoples jobs and services to the Public.
    Roll on 2017 when we can hopefully see some changes in the Council Members in Wrexham



    How many of the staff that have just been given at the Council WOW Awards by the Chief Executive and Leader will actually have a job after the next round of PCW cuts that are to be announced in July..



    N ight if the long knives is t start on Tuesday at a Special Council meeting to discuss the “Senior Management Structures and Design Principles”

    To consider the report of the Chief Executive and Head of Paid Service

    This survey must be the start of the next big senior manager cuts — it is Part 2 so is not available to the public.

    Best guess is cuts to-
    One Strategic Director
    Head of Adult Social Care Service with a Strategic Director taking on the legal role of Director of Social Services
    Head of Education Service to be replaced by the same Strategic Director as above
    Probably at least one other Head of Service

    This gives a structure of
    Chief Executive
    2 x Strategic Directors
    6/7 Heads of Service



    If any changes to the senior management structure does go forward/accepted do we assume that a well funded redundancy package/golden handshake award is ready in place for these people as at the moment they are on a very good salary and as has happened in the past persons in this particular area ( identified as senior management) have been ‘looked after’,or is there now only one redundancy package etc in place for all employees irrespective of the job they do.
    ‘We are all in this together’ I remember somebody saying only some are more in it than others and in instances such as changes in senior management structures in banking/industry/local government etc they all tend to look after each other or has this culture now stopped, methinks not.



    Woogleeye has hit the nail on the head — if my source is correct the last time there was a reorganisation of Counties with the change from Clywyd and Wrexham Maelor Council to Wrexham County Borough we had three Chief Executive in the final 18 months all leaving oin Chief Executives pensions as the batten got passed around!



    It doesn’t take long for the old cyclical argument to be brought up again, does it?

    What is it with some people that they cannot get beyond resentment for anyone that seems to be doing better than they are? The little green eyed monster of jealousy is a terrible affliction that burns within.
    The argument has little or nothing to do with severance packages that are based on negotiated terms and conditions of employment AND operating within the law, but everything to do with the covetousness of the individual antagonist.
    If the scenario put forward by Dylan comes to fruition (although he has got his predictions woefully wrong many times in the past), good luck to those who who benefit financially from the situation.
    I hold no animosity whatsoever to anyone who holds their hands out to claim what is rightfully theirs.
    All well and good to castigate, but put yourself in the position Where you are the one losing your job and truthfully answer whether you would take what is on offer or turn round and say “no, it’s too much”
    I think we all know the answer to that one!!!


    Spot on Benjamin, the petty politics of envy have always thrived in the Wrexham area.


    Completely agree with Benjamin’s point. Restructuring is completely different to sacking and I really do feel for anyone who has their career curtailed. The severance should be as agreed, or enhanced according to policy and strategic requirements



    Looks like the meeting today has accepted cuts for 1 Strategic Director – 1 Definitely but further discussion for 2 Heads of Service and 12 managers on the next two tiers- more discussion on the tier below to come back by end of July with recommendations.
    Departments to merge functions —
    All age Social Care Department,
    Corporate and Customer Services to merge with Finance
    Assets and Economic to merge with Housing and Public Protection

    Public announcement due tomorrow (Also tomorrow is a meeting between PCW the consultants and staff who are in ‘scope’ for the net round of cuts)

    These changes will undoubtedly decimate the lives of some of the staff affected by these cuts

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