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    A company bought a bicycle for me from Colour Supplies, Wrexham on 30/04/13. Since then I have experienced many problems with the product and at one time almost come off on a busy junction etc. I did go into the store with the product and they were closing. I then went in again at a different date and enquired and Mark told me that I cannot bring it in only on I think Thursday or Friday as they have sales on, he cared more about sales than the safety of customers, the next day on 17/05/13 I went in and asked to speak with the store manager, I was told he was not in, everyone seemed confused, and the manager then appeared, as we were talking, Mark approached and started interrupting raising his voice, the manager did not care and then left me with Mark, I then left the store and noticed Mark was watching me as I was leaving and I found this weird. Mark then came outside and approached and said to me, “do you have a problem with me” and he repeated this again, even though I did, I said no and he said good and walked back into the store. On this day I went back with the product to see if they could exchange or repair, a different person served me and I told him about Mark and he said “that’s just Mark, he’s confrontational, its how he grew up” he did look at the bike and told me to come back Sunday, I did and took the bike in and left it with Dave to repair, I phoned to ask if it was ready, they told me that they don’t repair on Sundays, I reiterated to them that I need it repaired today, they told me that they would do it, I then went in and as I left I noticed that they made adjustments to things I did not ask for, and the bike is still faulty as it was when I took it in.

    on 26/05/13 I go back to colour supplies in Wrexham and ask Dave who works in the bike part of the store for an exchange, he says no, I ask again and he says no, I tell him its faulty with the gears being the same and the handle bars coming lose. He told me that it was okay when it left there after repair and he said the handle bars do not just get like that, he was suggesting that I did that. He told me that he has never seen a bike come in so much, he told me that he does not care when I told him about the faults etc. He was also loud and aggressive and customer service was poor. I asked to speak with a manager and he said no. As I was leaving a female, a male was walking behind me, I asked the female if she was a manager and I asked for an exchange and she said to Dave, Denzel said no and she walked off. these three then grouped up and started talking about me and I heard the female say something which might have been about reporting me to the police or banning. The staff followed me out and repeatedly come out of the store and this is not the first time this has happened.
    The bike was bought there, so I have the right to go there if there is a fault with bike. Personally, I would not buy from this type of place, although this bike was bought from there by a company for work.

    This place is a con, terrible for customer service, poor management, staff are careless and their customer service is terrible and they sell bad products etc. I have never actually come across such a place.

    When ever Mark see’s me, his behaviour towards me is strange.

    Can you imagine if the experience received from colour supplies happened at places like those retailers below, highly unlikely as they are retailers who care about customer service and the business they work for etc.

    SUGGESTION: Below are safer, professional and convenient retailers to purchase from plus they sell much more at better quality, prices and offers now and then etc. Personally, I have never experienced poor service at these retailers below. I have also been told that colour supplies are expensive, this is not the case with these retailers below.


    I have several years experience of working within the retail sector.



    Doesn’t sound a nice experience at all.

    Maybe you’d be better off leaving it for the company to sort out via trading standards as otherwise you’ll probably spend even more time on something that’s inconvenienced you enough already!


    Welsh Dresser

    You beat me to it Mike. Was just going to suggest the same. I have been in Colour Supplies a few times and have no complaints but if they are not looking after their customers they should be held accountable. Sounds like the staff might be in need of a bit of customer relations training.


    I’m afraid this is not news to me. I’ve always felt uncomfortable in Colour supplies. In fact I find it expensive.
    I’ve asked for a few things in there and they look at you as if you’re asking for some alien product. I’d much rather shop where you’re made welcome and valued as a customer.


    Welsh Dresser

    It costs nothing to smile and be polite or am I just old fashioned?



    I’ve been to the decorating dept a few times and the staff there have been more than helpful. But you find good and bad anywhere you shop to be fair.




    Recently outside of Asda, I see Mark in a vehicle as I was heading towards the store, when I left the store and looked at him he was making death threats which I found to be unacceptable behaviour. After that I then went back to the store and security were then made aware of him and his actions.

    People like him should not be allowed to work in a customer environment or around people and should be banned.

    I have never come across a company so terrible like colour supplies or an employee who works for the company.



    I’ve never had any issue with the staff in Colour Supplies and to be honest I would prefer to spend my money there than the ‘chain’ DIY stores.

    However, if what you are saying about Mark is true (and I am not saying it isn’t), then he should be sacked because that behaviour is simply not acceptable.


    Agreed. I was always taught to be courteous to customers, a decent manager would make sure his staff was well trained. Anyone acting in this manner shouldn’t be dealing with the paying public.

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