Chirk McDonalds reopens for parents to appease bratty kids

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    I blame Ronald.

    He knows his “food” is very bad for you, but uses salt, sugar and ”clever” flavourings to make and keep people – especially kids – addicted to it.

    He then spits some high-minded garbage out of the side of his mouth about moderation and personal responsibility.

    He’s a nasty piece of work and not any better than cigarette companies.


    Llayby lilly

    Jane J…..get over yourself! Who appointed you the food and parent behaviour police?





    Well I hope you don’t think I was ” fat shaming” Matt by mentioning high BMI being an underlying cause connected with increased risk of death from coronavirus!

    I would never shame anyone based on their weight. It is a fact that higher BMI causes heart disease, hypertension, diabetes and other weight related illnesses.

    Medical reports have all stated that a worrying high percentage of deaths or intake of ITU beds during this crisis have been people with high BMI.

    Mcdonalds and other takeaway food is unhealthy, high fat and loaded with calories. Once and while a takeaway is fine but lots of people don’t just stop at that.

    If anyone is holier than thou it is you Matt. You seem to love to pick an argument where there is none and like to put yourself on some pedestal of virtue!




    The Kids can have their free council food bags and the Council monthly payments equating to £19.50 per week for each eligible child will pay for the family take out each day.

    The council take the p1ss and complain they are losing money



    At the end of the day you’re still going round telling everyone how they should live their lives, as if everything is going so perfectly in yours.

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    Well said Janey, ignore the right wing snowflake reactionaries.



    The decision on the £19.50 is not Wrexham Council is is a Welsh Government scheme and replaces what they were already paying for the Free School meals system. Tax payers are not paying anymore than what they did pre Covid for this.

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