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    Turmoil in the Labour camp?


    Yes. At last.



    Please tell me this isn’t Fake News?


    Council Watcher

    Not sure why the announcement came as a surprise – since he threatened legal action against the Assembly at the beginning of the week if they voted for the release of a report into the circumstances surrounding Carl Sargent’s sacking.

    His position had surely become untenable in this action which would have also gone against a number of his own backbencher’s views.

    It looks like the South Clwyd Labour Party may have to think hard about whether they would support Ken Skates if he put his hat in the ring as a possible contender for the Leadership – the Labour Momentum controlled local Party may not support his leadership attempt as he is not known for his Corbynite support.

    We are certainly in for an interesting time in Welsh politics over the next few months at a crucial time leading to Brexit. Whoever gets the Leadership role has a massive task to ensure they fight head-on with Westminster to negotiate the best post-Brexit deal for Wales.


    It Great news, GOODBYE to a very poor and un-democratic politician who never did anything for north Wales or indeed Wales. He was, and is, a grand Brexit Denier, even though the democratic view of the entire country was to leave the EU – he still can’t accept this. It is a pity we are not in the middle ages, as a Traitor he would be disposed of.

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