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    All news reports seem to be focusing on the NHS staff helping to fight the Coronavirus outbreak, and rightly so, but please spare a thought for the social carers in our community. These carers, paid and unpaid, are looking after the vulnerable people in residential homes and people living in their own homes. They are risking themselves to help others. Unpaid carers looking after family members have a stressful life as it is, now their stress levels have increased, queuing to get medical and food supplies, worrying about being stopped be the police and having to explain that they are carers and have to travel to give care. Work together and we will win the fight. So if you know of a carer (paid or unpaid) just say thank you to them so they don’t feel forgotten.


    Maureen Gray

    Hear hear, NHS are so important and are rightly applauded, but as you say there are many many heroes out there, carers especially. But also, chemist’s, doing a difficult job under unpresidented conditions and all retail sector staff too. And the council, again many many staff working hard to keep vital services going in the community – Street scene staff, school staff and aux staff helping to feed pupils too. A massive THANK-YOU to all x



    On behalf of AVOW I would like to also thank the 100’s of people who have come forward to volunteer across our communities in unprecedented numbers. The efforts that people are going to ensure that others who are self-isolating or vulnerable can receive food and medication is a credit to each and everyone one of you. If you are needing help and can’t get it locally then email volunteers are waiting to help. If you want to volunteer locally see your Councillor or Community Council for details of various schemes.
    If you want to volunteer for other organisations add your name on if you have volunteered but not heard anything yet please wait your details are being held and we are awaiting the opportunities to flow through

    There are many people across our community who are vulnerable please look after them.

    Informal carers can get support from

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