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    Simon is right. Most of the staff at the Maelor are great, but government attacks on the public sector means that there are not enough staff. Those that are left are having their pay stolen by greedy politicians. Performance targets just lead to fudging of the figures, such as the time one hospital locked its doors so that it did not have too many patients waiting in triage…..they were all locked out in the queue of ambulances!



    The fact that so many people do not look after themselves properly does not help either. Have you seen all the smokers out the front? It should be banned!



    Smoking is banned in /on the hospital grounds and has been for some considerable time.
    And the major reason for people having to wait outside waiting for triage assessment is the fact that so many people are using A&E as a first point of call rather than seeking treatment from more appropriate sources ie self medication, pharmacies, GP’s etc.

    There are cases on record of people turning up with minor cuts and abrasions, hangovers etc for treatment thus increasing waiting times for those who are in need of more pressing assistance.
    And furthermore, I totally agree with the idea being bandied around that the public should pay a fee for seeing their GP – then we would see a reduction in waiting times for an appointment! And the same for attendees at A&E where lower tier treatment would be a more appropriate course of action.
    And if it does happen, we have only ourselves to blame for abusing an excellent system.



    Quite right. Smoking may have been banned, but i still see people smoking outside the main entrance. Plus the hospital is under funded and under staffed which does not help. Neither do time wasters though or people who don’t look after themselves.



    My mum was in hospital earlier this year. The biggest concern I noticed was not the lack of water (there wasn’t any lack of water at all, in fact there was ALWAYS fresh water). The fact that the doctors were prescribing medication that her medical records clearly stated she couldn’t have that ultimately nearly killed her, was more of a concern.

    If you have experienced a lack of water, then you should raise this with the ward in question. Although I notice you haven’t said there was a lack of water, just a lack of COLD water. Honestly, I never found the water to be hot. Although after a while it will be come room temperature. All you have to do is ask the nursing staff for some fresh water. I’m sure they will oblige. Although I don’t think they’ll drop everything and come running because as we all know, they are all overworked and understaffed and have many things that take priority.



    I’ve been on Pasteur ward 4 times in the last year as a day case plus several check ups and can honestly say parking has never been an issue no matter what time of day i went. Water on the wards was always available and cold as well and the nurses brought more when i needed it. Mobile signal was good there too as i made calls for collection by my wife and texted her through the day to let her know how i was doing. Others were using mobiles a lot as well(unfortunately:rolleyes:).

    All in all my experience of the Maelor has also been very good. Hope it carries on as well because i’m back there next year for the same treatment all over again:)

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