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    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Why not ask PWC? I wonder how much it will end up costing?

    Maybe we can make some suggestions for free. I will start it off with:

    – The White Elephant
    – Art for Arts Sake
    – Jackson Bollocks
    – The Mona Lott
    – The Stinker (Thinker)
    – Whistler’s Mother used to come here when it was a proper market

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.


    Mike Davies

    This is very disappointing. Why not allow people to suggest names, these names could be voted on and then local advertising companies/designers could tender for branding designs, or we could even approach the local Art college to put forward some ideas. Why spend money on a company in Cardiff?



    The Council will have lost revenue from the Market as it was, revenue from the shops in the Peoples Market building, revenue from the Car Park. The running costs of the Hub will then have to be subsidised by the Council for another expected 10 years. The Council now pay outside consultants,where will the expense end, and who authorised the spending on these consultants?



    We have a brilliant group of artists and designers in Coleg Cambria and Glyndwr why not use our own home grown talent and give them a financial prize towards their studies.


    Mike Davies

    We have a brilliant group of artists and designers in Coleg Cambria and Glyndwr why not use our own home grown talent and give them a financial prize towards their studies.




    To be honest speaking as a recent-ish arts graduate (what little credibility that gives me), a full rebranding of a big organisation is more than a little above the pay grade of the average graphic design student. I’m not saying that its impossible to find a local Welsh speaking (v. Important given this is council) graphic design student who could handle it, but it is a huge high profile project that is probably better off in the hands of experienced people who are used to making bilingual material. When I was in uni I had made gig posters and leaflets for local businesses – I was not cut out for this job!
    I’m a little angry to be reading some of these comments to be honest, because a lot of people really do only seem to give a damn about art students when its convenient for their anti-arts hub message. The whole thing is going to be really good for encouraging young people to study art and design in Wrexham and to stay here after they’ve graduated. I thought that I would have to move to Liverpool or Manc, but now I’ve got real hope that I’ll be able stay living and working in Wrexham.
    When it seemed like the market was closing I understood the negativity, but now it just feels like people (in general) are ignoring what a good opportunity this is for the town.



    Artgrad sorry you feel that people are getting on the bandwagon- I have expressed strong reservation about this project in the past which has been based on the financial model which has so many ifs and buts that unless the Council find about £100k a year to subsidise the project above what they already pay in for the Oriel then keeping the doors open after 12 months will be a huge struggle. What services are they going to cut to fund what could be come the biggest artistic white elephant in the UK

    This project needs local community ownership which is why I said about involving people from Glyndwr and Colleg Cambria. As an art graduate now in Wrexham have you had any input, been asked or offered to support the project.



    Wrexham Councillors talk of creating and sustaining local jobs but yet again we are in a situation where our money , post service cuts, is going to be spent Cardiff. How was the tendering handled , assuming it did go out to tender ?


    Ioan y Ffin

    Artgrad is correct. Creating a new brand for an organization is a big job and requires more than just being a designer or an artist. There will probably be a small team of people working on the rebranding as this is a major project for Wrexham. Choosing a good name & building a brand takes knowledge and understanding of what the new Arts Hub will be doing. A public poll would probably result in another ‘Boaty McBoatface’ which while very entertaining was a waste of everyone’s time. More importantly students at the college will want to know that they can make a career in art & design, rather than the design part of projects be done on the cheap. Overall, how would you feel if you turned up at the hospital, the dentist or the solicitor’s to be told – I am afraid it costs too much to afford a qualified person, but we have got someone on a work placement keen to do the operation, give you a filling or sort out your will. No one has complained about the architects, the electricians or the builders not being students. No one expects them to work for free or peanuts.



    Well said Ioan, well said.

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