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    @gogledd 11251 wrote:

    Your right, there are cycle lanes in Wrexham, some of them are well located, but many are not. Well engineered cycle lanes will get used – for example the cycle lane leading down Madera Hill and leading on toward Hill Street – cyclists are totally separated from other traffic and such lanes are safe and cyclists would used them to avoid cycling in heavy traffic.
    Others, however have been painted on the road to obtain grants, but with little though about the practicalities of using them. Cycle lanes are often right in the gutter, with drains and uneven surfaces. The lane is close to the nearside and reduces the visibility of the cyclist to other road users, If they are shared paths a cyclist has to give way at every crossing – not much use if your trying to make reasonable progress.

    So cycle lanes are there and I would use them if it affords a better route than using a road with heavy traffic. However, under the highway code there is no compulsion to use them, and I would chose not to if the cycle lane actually puts me in a worse road position. Cycling two abreast isn’t illegal either, but I appreciate it can be bad manners to block the road for other users. Certainly the group I cycle with use single file to allow traffic to pass.

    Again the thread is getting side-tracked into the shared use of our roads. I am happy to discuss these issues but perhaps we should start a separate thread?

    Back to tourism – and cycle tourism – what happened to the buses with bikeracks on the back?

    But it takes an organised council that listens to its people to set this up- this will never happen in Wrexham! Then the cyclists do actually have to use them. The traffic route on Chester road for example is a complete waste of money. As for racks on the back of buses- they were removed as no-one used them. These buses mainly used routes through the more scenic parts of our area where people cycle so a bit pointless. Wrexham needs to link in with the rest of North Wales if to wants to increase tourism, cycling or otherwise, as there simply isn’t enough interest.

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