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    billycoen, “racists” obviously.



    I am afraid that rather than getting rid of racism this whole fiasco is making it 10 times worse.



    Racism is the fault of racists, not the victims of racism, nor their allies.

    There has been too much indifference, excusing, normalising and shoulder-shrugging while vile crimes of brutality like the slow murder of George Floyd took place. That’s why it’s come to this.



    The tinkering around the edges that the politicians like to do only seems to serves themselves, it’s plain old symbolism and then they wash their hands of it. Then we all discuss things that don’t help the cause, but only serve to do diminish it like the removal of Little Britain or a statue. Nobody really cares about them deep down (they are pretty much setting the boundaries of an acceptable debate) , they want us to discuss this as it means they don’t have to do anything about it.

    There is many discussions on here that seems to like to divert attention from their cause, but the movement is not discussing slavery (even though the mindset can be born out of it) they are discussing police brutality and economic inequality which is linked to Government spending, they just want everybody to listen and do their research and you will find that it’s disproportionate, but it affects us all.

    I am hoping that we all begin a movement against slavery together because it seems like that is popular on here……

    Councillor X
    Councillor X

    Did you read this Tweet or Twitter or Tweet or what you call it on here today?

    Diogelwch Cymunedol Y Dwyrain / Com Safety East

    #nwpbigeasy Please be aware that there has been a spate of theft of fence panels @wrexham Secure your fence panels by nailing them in or nailing extra pieces of wood to each panel so that they are linked. These measures will make it more difficult for a thief to steal them.

    I think the culprits are posting on this thread because they take A FENCE!

    A hero is someone who understands the responsibility that comes with his freedom.



    CouncillorX seeking attention so he had to make a post.


    Llayby lilly

    The “LEFT” like to label any dissenting voices as ‘racist’ as it closes down the debate and creates fear! Remember the decades of abuse in mainly northern towns such as Rochdale and Rotherham, where gangs of Asian heritage men systematically enslaved young white girls often around the ages of 12 and ganged raped them. Accounts of prepubescent girls being plied with drink and drugs being passed around 10 and 20 men nightly were common! Men running out of condoms often resorted to taking off their socks to use as condoms! Men burning little children with cigarettes if they refused to satisfy the next paedophile! NOT a word spoken of slavery!
    When the social workers and youth workers and some police raised these horrific crimes, they were slapped down as being racist and threatened with disciplinary action and the sack – all predominantly LABOUR run councils! Keir Starmer, played his part in ensuring he turned a blind eye and refused to prosecute, often citing the girls were unreliable or that 13 year old was the boyfriend of that 40 year old perpetrator etc etc! Not a word spoken of slavery!
    It took a GREAT man (who happened to be Asian) who saw these crimes for what they were, MODERN SLAVERY and he prosecuted as many as he could. NOT a word from the BBC or the Guardian about this modern slavery!
    No….lets hark back 200 / 300 years and instil a feeling of guilt in every white soul in the country, as stated before, it suits the LEFT and LABOUR agenda to create this climate of fear! We hear today 150 Labour councils are conducting a route and branch review of all the statues and street / building names to seek out any colonial reference….are these same councils doing the same route and branch review around historical abuse…NO are they bloody hell. Truly shocking!




    You won’t get much agreement on here and will probably get slapped down so to speak, but once again your points are indicitive of what the huge majority of silent people in this country think about how this whole issue and how it is playing out in the press, media and tv presenters etc. and by most of the politicians who are afraid to say what they think for the fear of being called racist’s.

    The truth is incontrovertible. Malice may attack it, ignorance may deride it, but in the end, there it is.



    This thread seems to be falling to whataboutery central and I feel myself going that way as well, Councillor I saw the fence panel thing earlier. Police are looking for a Guss. T. Wind and a Miss Gale – (not believed to be related to the Ceri Gale gang) in relation to the recent disappearances.


    Captain C

    How about us changing this debate and set up a new group called “All lives matter” and then we would have justice for all. It’s a sad thing when we want to change our history and only want to quote the evil things people did 200 plus years ago. A lot of good things were done in the past and the present is not all as rosy as they would have us think.
    It’s easy to hide behind racism but there are evil people of all colours in our past and no doubt in our future. Judge people by their behaviour and not their colour. Stop calling people wicked names we all get upset by the word Negro but are supposed to turn a blind eye when someone calls a white man a honky.

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