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    I see that the council are changing the classification of some bedrooms to box rooms to by pass the befroom tax. Will this lead to a shortage of three bedroom houses in their portfolio.



    Wonder if they will reclassify my private home by -1 bedroom and charge me less council tax as the house will have less value?



    It seems what happened in trials of the scheme is happening…

    Welfare Change Pilot Sees Council Rent Arrears Increase By 600% | before this started wrote:
    Torfaen, a county borough close to Newport in South Wales, is one of six areas where the Department of Work and Pensions (DWP) is running what it calls “demonstration projects” ahead of wider introduction of the Welfare Reform changes. In the first group of Torfaen residents on the pilot scheme rental arrears grew from £20,000 to £140,000 in just seven months.

    A large proportion of this test group that incurred the 600% rise in arrears are said to have had ‘a good track record of payment before’ with ‘a pretty low level of arrears’. attended an information session with Wrexham Council recently where we asked if they had a prediction of what percentage of arrears they were expecting, as the BBC had reported a DWP source stating “a rate ‘in the teens’ rather than 20-30% reported“. No figure was placed or indicated, however it was recognised it is likely to be a problem.


    More than 1 in 3 tenants hit by bedroom tax in Wales are running up rent arrears – North Wales Weekly News

    daily post today wrote:
    In Wrexham and Anglesey, almost half of all council house tenants (44%) affected by the bedroom tax have been pushed into arrears since action to curb the spare room subsidy in housing benefit in April, the report by the group False Economy found.

    if the room is below 70 sq feet…

    How to beat the ‘bedroom tax’ – Channel 4 News



    Interesting how they accepted the argument for 70 sq feet. So in Scotland, if there was a child in the family they could argue that a child could use the room if it was between 50 and 70 sq feet so would they then reject the appeal?

    Nothing is mentioned about ‘useable space’- a loft conversion could be 70 sq feet but under building regs only a proportion of the floor space that has a certain head height (where you can walk) can be counted as the floor space.

    Could people put up false walls to make their rooms smaller?

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