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    Through creep function the inclusion & expansion of CCTV has in my opinion made things far worse. Apparently CCTV was only used in less than 3% of overall crime detection between 2004-2010. To me its more about job creation (I could go on quite a bit on that subject posting links with evidence from all over the internet) than solving real probelms people face. The main reason it is worse the ordinary bobby seems to be less on the streets, police seem far more occupied about nicking drivers for doing 35 in 30 etc or handing fines for what ever.

    The 1 thing that should never happen is a full on police state that would be disasterous for all. For those old enough to remember the old soviet block & if you read history books on poeples’ experiences that should say enough.

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    There’s nothing wrong with using CCTV. It’s a very good means of collecting evidence if it’s used by a well-trained, licenced operator.


    Well here we are again – silly season is with us – nearly 12 months on from my original post of this thread its happened again, it’s happening nearly every week somewhere in the world and will continue to do so.
    Following Mondays senseless & cowardly attack on innocent families attending a pop concert in Manchester it is way past time the authorities – the police & army’s around the free world – stop pussy-footing around with these cowardly terrorists and act now before they kill any more innocent people. They are not going to stop – as there is no war to be won – just senseless killing to try and be recognised.
    And surprise surprise, once again the authorities announce “yes, this terror suspect is known to us”
    And as I said last time – lock them up now, eradicate them or at least keep them on tag forever. If they do no harm, then good, but at least we will know where they are. If they leave the country, then good, but don’t let them back in.
    And before anyone says, “they are not all terrorists, so you cannot lock them all up!”, I would say “No you cannot, but those who are identified or have proven links with certain groups should be”
    This latest knob-head was British born, to Syrian parents


    had been back and to Libya several times – surely this is someone who should be on watch.
    I know I will be lambasted by the ‘what about his human rights’ brigade, but tell that to the families & children who have lost family & children – what about their human rights!
    In the past British & American forces have bombed strategic sites such as army bases and weapon stores and suddenly ‘they’ say the place was full of women & children! Why for god’s sake? Maybe Trump isn’t so daft after all!
    Something else I have noticed, which does seem relevant after Mondays attack, is the fact that security is so tight in places these days going into the venue, but not so at the end.
    I recently visited Old Trafford and rightly so was searched before I went in, and obviously would not have got in without a ticket, but on the way out 75,000 people were going one way, but a few people were going the other. I’m not great at maths, but either side of the ground there are ‘tunnels’ under the stands which would hold at least a good few thousand fans each and one suicide bomber there would cause untold fatalities. I would hope that this is something the authorities would look at with immediate effect.

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