Overlooking the Doorstep

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Saturday, Apr 23rd, 2011.

Human nature really does dictate the vast majority of our actions, and one of the most intriguing ones is the notion that we ignore things close to us. We do this on a daily basis without even knowing it. In Wrexham we are lucky to have some unrivalled local produce, shops, events and pubs. Why then are we perennial out goers, travelling to Chester shopping or to some country pub in Nantwich?

People change though, so does human nature, normally dictated by influences beyond our control. Economic difficulties for instance have inspired UK residents to holiday within the country and discover or rediscover what the UK has to offer. Of course, people still have the choice to fly out to Spain at modest cost but whenever people return they always tend to say they are ‘glad to be home’.

So this rise of the ‘staycation’ has opened our minds to just how much we can do here – and if we can apply this to broaden our local horizons, we may well find that Wrexham actually has a plethora of niche shops, pubs serving local ale and produce, not to mention events underlining the local talent in our midst.

Wrexham may never have the fashion boutiques of Milan, a multitude of alfresco dining opportunities nor a Lady GaGa gig anytime soon. What it does have however, is local charm, and local people working hard to provide some unique product or experience, and if Wrexham.com can highlight this further, we will!

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