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Wrexham Council Says £38,168 Owed By Developers

NOTE: This content is old - Published: Tuesday, Feb 7th, 2012.

Wrexham Council has said that the current amount owed to the authority by private developers in Section 106 agreements stands at £38,168.

The figures were given out in response to recent media reports which suggested that the authority is currently owed £449,175 by developers.

According to the council the larger figure, which was obtained by the BBC via a Freedom of Information (FOI) request, refers to payments which will only become due once the developments actually begin or reach a certain stage.

They said that the current figure owed to them stands at £38,168.

Section 106 agreements are planning clauses put in by councils to offset the impact of developments on the local community, they are used to ensure that there is enough money for new roads and other facilities required.

A spokesperson for Wrexham Council said: “Wrexham Council would like to clarify the situation regarding the story in today’s Daily Post and Sunday’s BBC Online regarding monies ‘owed’ to the council from private developers under Section 106 agreements.

“These developer contributions are an important means of delivering community infrastructure in the county borough such as public open space.

“However, the receipt of payments is dependent on the stage that the development has reached. In the case of Wrexham, the money due to the council under these agreements is currently £38,168.

“The larger figure referred to in the articles represents the sum of many other agreements ‘in the pipeline’ which will need to be paid if and when the developments take place or reach a particular stage.

“For example for the maintenance of public open space will only be ‘owed’ to the council when that space has been laid out and the land has been transferred to the council.”

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