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    Health Minister corrects record after claim she ‘misled’ Senedd over Betsi Cadwaladr financial mismanagement report

    Why do politicians have so many memory problems ? “Misled “ has had plenty of usage recently especially in Westminster. The important word however is the one preceding “misled” was it deliberate or accidental ?
    Surprisingly when they make statements they are “true” but when questioned and it’s pointed out they are wrong, they unintentionally “misled”. For a minister too deliberately mislead is a sackable offence in Westminister !



    With so many issues in the Betsi Health Board coming out almost daily it is no wonder no one wants the Chief Exec role- it is time for a full root and branch review of health services not just in North Wales but the whole of Wales. Disaster after disaster and you have to feel sorry for the front line staff who are doing amazing things day in day out.
    Lives in Wales are being lost. The fact that the Welsh Government wont hold a Covid enquiry in Wales shows they have things to hide. The submission they have made to the UK inquiry is so abysmal, lacking in detail and content it looks like they have had it put together by a group of 6th Formers or someone on work experience.
    The people of Wales deserve more from our elected politicians.

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